If You’re Looking for a Critique Group or Partner, Critique Connection is Now Open

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By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

It’s Critique Group Time Again! The 2021 Summer Session is now open!

Finding other writers to share work and critiques with isn’t always easy, particularly for newer writers who often don’t even know where to start looking. 

In 2013 I created “Janice Hardy’s Critique Connection” to help such writers connect with like-minded folks looking for critique groups or partners. It was designed to help people find long-term, quality writing partners, not just places you can toss up your work and get quick feedback.
It went from a one-time event to annually, and now to every six months (I open it up every January and July). 

If you’re looking to join or create a critique group, add more to your existing group, or find a critique partner, odds are you’ll find someone here.

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