Jennifer Corbett and Brad Rau Discuss Star Wars: The Bad Batch in Mid Season Roundtable

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Last week we had the opportunity to attend the Star Wars: The Bad Batch mid-season roundtables with head show writer Jennifer Corbett, director Brad Rau, and star Ming-Na Wen. Here we look at the roundtable with Jennifer Corbett and Brad Rau.

The roundtables were attended by some of the biggest Star Wars fan sites/podcasts, including George Bate (Star Wars Holocron), Teresa Delgado (Fangirls Going Rogue), William Devereaux (Ion Cannon), Johnamarie Macías (Dark Side of the Force), Mark Newbold (Fantha Tracks), Sarah and Richard Woloski (Skywalking through Neverland), David Yeh (Endor Express), Bryan Young (Star Wars Insider), and Dan Zehr (Coffee with Kenobi).

This is what I asked her: –

Since you both worked on Star Wars Resistance, what character would you both like to see as a younger version in The Bad Batch?

Brad: That might be too loaded of a question, actually! I will just say that Resistance was an awesome show with this amazing cast of characters. Our crew working on the show is primarily the same, both here at Lucasfilm and overseas as well. It’s interesting how the production of that show has affected what we do, we can continue to push forward in the animation process. As far as specific characters, I’m not go into many details, there is definitely a long amount of time from where we are to where Resistance was. It’s an interesting question!

Here are some of the other questions asked: –

George Bate (Star Wars Holocron) asked out of the characters we’ve been introduced to so far, who’s been your favorite to approach?

Brad: I love Cid because she gives everybody an equal amount of guff. And Rhea Perlman is such an outstanding actress. It’s been fun to seeing how her voice, once we started recording with her, affected some of the future scripts, in some of the ways Cid would talk. It’s just this awesome character, and exactly the kind of character that I love as a Star Wars fan. She’s a blast.

Jennifer: I personally love Cad Bane, being a massive Clone Wars fan and him being so terrifying. Having a chance to just see how he interacts with the Batch compared to a different bounty hunters.

Teresa Delgado (Fangirls Going Rogue) stated that she can’t help but notice that there are similarities in story points between The Mandalorian and The Bad Batch, reluctant father figure taking on a younger individual that’s wanted for their genetic material. Were these similarities a coincidence or was it something that you guys did intentionally?

Brad: Really for us there are some similarities for sure that roll over. The idea of a “found family” especially with grizzled warriors sort of having parenthood forced upon them and then learning how to deal with that for good and for bad is a just classic storyline. When we were looking at The Bad Batch it made sense to go to that story really quickly. Not intentional as a symmetrical nod to The Mandalorian necessarily, more so to create an interesting point of view to get the audience into the series. Where you might not always identify as a super soldier, or as a clone, but as a family, as a big brother, as a little sister whatever it might be. It seemed like a natural way to get into the show.

Jennifer: And I think to ground it in real life, when you see different families on the surface they may all seem similar or have similarities, but really when you get into their dynamic and what they are going through, that’s where you see the different shades and that’s true of Star Wars as well.

William Devereaux (Ion Cannon) asked how would you tease in two words what we are about to see in the second half of the season?

Jennifer: Hold On!

Brad: We are having so much fun and it’s been great to see fans reactions. I’ll say, if you like where we’ve gone, you’re gonna really like where we’re going.

Johnamarie Macías (Dark Side of the Force) asked while developing the series was there a discussion about him following the Empire by choice rather than being forced, or if another Bad Batcher had been considered for the part?

Jennifer: Early on in the development process we knew that Crosshair was going to be the one who would be the main antagonist. You bring up a good point, because one of the things we always try to talk about with this series and when the Bad Batch are dealing with the regs is that question of choice. With the chips they didn’t really have a say, they are conditioned to follow orders, and in Order 66 we see them execute that without hesitations. So, what the regs are going through and what Crosshair is going through is something we continue to explore throughout the season, so we do not want to give too much away. The discussion of choice is a big topic.

Mark Newbold (Fantha Tracks) asked was it always a key element to show us the state of the galaxy, as much as the characters within it, after Order 66?

Brad: Definitely, it’s something that we were really excited about in this era that hasn’t been really explored in the Star Wars timeline. There’s so many things going on, so much change.

Jennifer: The change in the environment is what starts the show and starts the change in the galaxy. It’s been fun to explore that form the Batch’s perspective compared to the regs and Crosshair’s perspective with the Empire.

Richard Woloski (Skywalking through Neverland) asked why is Bolo not credited as Hammerhead?

Brad: That’s a great question. We love Bolo, voiced by the great Liam O’Brien, and when he got to see the design for his character he said ‘Hammerhead! In the Kenner style!’ And we were ‘Yes Liam, that’s what we were going for’. Everyone has got their own name.

Jennifer: It’s more about the dysfunctional friendship between Bolo and Ketch that really spawned that name. They’re always getting into trouble and they’re fun characters to have in Cid’s.

Bryan Young (Star Wars Insider) asked what’s it like working within the broader universe, and how much do the Story Group keep you honest on stuff like that as your sprawl into different elements of the universe as writers.

Jennifer: Very, they keep us very honest. As Brad said in this timeline we have a bit of wiggle room before we start getting into Rebels, even Solo and A New Hope, there’s an opportunity for us to explore lots of things but anytime we have a story discussion, or an episodic discussion, the Story Group weighs in on things that could potentially be an issue or things that could potentially be a tie in.  If it makes sense creatively that’s something we discuss and talk about, we are never really confined by things it’s just if we like to shoot for the stars and if it gets into a certain area we have to be careful about then we just have a longer discussion on what we’re trying to accomplish, and if it can fit with anything else.

Dan Zehr (Coffee with Kenobi) asked about the evolution of bringing Cad Bane into the show.

Jennifer Corbett: We knew we wanted to have the Batch interact with Fennec Shand just to see how they end up because they’re still not fully street smart yet, they are still very much soldier and they don’t yet know how the galaxy works in different ways. While Fennec is new to the scene she’s still very dangerous. And to compare that interaction with, later on, when the Kaminoians higher an even bigger gun [Cad Bane], just a completely different experience for the Batch where Hunter got away last time [from Fennec], but no one’s going to outdraw Cad Bane. With each interaction, each experience they’re learning something new about other threats out there in the world and how that affects them moving forward.

Brad Rau: For the design of Cad Bane, we were looking at some designs that had never gone into production that were in progress in Clone Wars both for his look and his ship that you see. It was a lot of fun to sort of take them out of the garage and tinker with it and push it and rework it a little bit so that Cad Bane and his ride felt familiar and yet a little bit more nuanced and more detailed.

Read about the Ming-Na Wen roundtable here. Star Wars: The Bad Batch is available now on Disney+ with new episodes arriving every Friday.

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