Leaked TBS And TVC Sets Are Hasbro Pulse Con Exclusives!

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The leaked Black Series and Vintage Collection sets have now been officially revealed as exclusive Hasbro Pulse Con sets! Prices have also been revealed. And the Black Series will get yet another exclusive not revealed earlier today on Instagram: Dave Filoni’s Trapper Wolf character from The Mandalorian! Click through for a short discussion!

More exclusives

This is the link to the Hasbro Pulse Con site with the exclusives. You cannot pre-order anything yet, but be sure to bookmark the page so you can use your 10 seconds time window once pre-orders go live! An exact date is yet to be determined, but Hasbro says the con will be in the fall, so it’s still a few months off.

So what do we have?

We have the cantina set for $105. Ponda Baba (aka Medal Ceremony Luke wearing an alien mask) and Dr. Evazan will not be exclusive to the set, both are scheduled for a regular Black Series release later in 2021. This means that only the bar is exclusive. It will be interesting to see if that means Hasbro will release more Cantina patrons in the Black Series. What good is the bar without Wuher, for example?

Then we have Filoni’s Trapper Wolf. For apparent reasons Hasbro reuses the Luke X-Wing pilot body, which is all wrong of course. Now Trapper Wolf is certainly no Porkins, but he would most definitely need a new pilot body to be actually accurate. So you will pay $30 for a new head. Tooling is expensive, yes, but the Black Series was once labeled the “definitive” version of a character. Screen accuracy does matter. And this figure is not screen accurate at all.

And finally there’s the $31.99 Emperor’s Throne Room set. It appears Palpatine will not just get his throne, but also a pair of extra hands at least.

So what do you think? Yet more exclusives… since Pulse Con exclusive are not available in Europe (only in the UK) people who have no access to Pulse should see these sets at the usual places (etailers), of course for a nice premium. The big question is if Hasbro will have enough stock so that everyone who can pre-order on Pulse will actually get a set. Or if everything will be sold out after a few short minutes only to appear on ebay 30 seconds later.

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