LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2021 – What Could Have Been

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Today marks the last day of the 2021 Advent Calendars and we feel a bit cheated with the LEGO Star Wars version (#75307), which features just two exclusive prints, three unnecessary weapon racks and pointless targets. We look at what could have been….

This is the eleventh year of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar and for the first time we get a single themed calendar based around the Disney+ show The Mandalorian. Whilst there are plenty of characters to choose from there is only a limited number of slots and in our version of the calendar we have added in just one more minifigure to bring the total up to other licensed calendars including Harry Potter (#76390) and Marvel The Avengers (#76196).

What We Got: –

Day 1Razor Crest
Day 2 – Riot Mar’s starfighter
Day 3 – Stormtrooper minifigure
Day 4 – E-web cannon
Day 5 – Targets
Day 6 – Imperial Troop Transport
Day 7 – Landspeeder
Day 8 – Tusken Raider minifigure
Day 9 – Tusken Raider weapon rack
Day 10 – Missile-shooting Ballista
Day 11 – X-wing starfighter
Day 12 – TIE Fighter
Day 13 – Scout Trooper minifigure
Day 14 – Weapon rack
Day 15 – Speeder bike
Day 16 – Speeder
Day 17 – Imperial Light Cruiser
Day 18 – Interrogation droid
Day 19 – Slave I
Day 20 – IG-11
Day 21 – Weapon Rack
Day 22 – Grogu
Day 23 – Hover Pram
Day 24 – The Mandalorian

Here is what we think would’ve made a better mix for 2021 based on the same theme of The Mandalorian: –

What We Could Have Got: –

Day 1 – Imperial Troop Transport, this is a great built; as day 6 in the released calendar.
Day 2 – Stormtrooper minifigure with E-web cannon, day 3 in the 2021 calendar
Day 3 – AT-ST as featured in the first season of The Mandalorian
Day 4 – Blurgg (brick built) with ability to position a minifigure
Day 5 – Kuill minifigure
Day 6 – Outland TIE Fighter with folding wings , better than a standard TIE
Day 7 – Riot Mar’s starfigher, obscure but a good build, day 2 in the 2021 calendar
Day 8 – Krayt Dragon (brick built)
Day 9 – Missile shooting Ballista, good to take out the Krayt Dragon, day 10 in the 2021 calendar
Day 10 – Tusken Raider with weapons (no weapon racks here), day 8 in the 2021 calendar OR Ahsoka Tano with two lightsabers
Day 11 – Landspeeder, day 7 in the 2021 calendar
Day 12 – Sandcrawler, featuring printed element from May 4th 2021 set.
Day 13 – IG-11 with weapons, day 20 in the 2021 calendar
Day 14 – Speeder, day 16 in the 2021 calendar
Day 15 – X-wing, day 11 in the 2021 calendar
Day 16 – Spiders (two molded and one brick built) from Maldo Kreis
Day 17 – Imperial Shuttle
Day 18 – Scout Trooper with weapon, day 13 in the 2021 calendar
Day 19 – Speeder bike, day 15 in the 2021 calendar
Day 20 – Imperial Light Cruiser, day 17 in the 2021 calendar
Day 21 – Slave I, day 19 in the 2021 calendar
Day 22 – The Child/Grogu with hover pram, day’s 22 and 23 in the 2021 calendar
Day 23 – Razor Crest, as day 1 in the 2021 calendar
Day 24 – The Mandalorian with weapons, as day 24 in the 2021 calendar

We have removed the three weapon racks, interrogation droid and day 5 targets, and put Grogu and the hover pram together as day 22, freeing up a total of seven slots. These are filled with an AT-ST, Blurgg (brick built), Kuiil, Krayt Dragon (brick built), Sandcrawler, spiders, and Imperial Shuttle. We have also replaced the standard TIE Fighter with the Outland version with folding wings, and all other builds from this year remain. We still think there’s room for a female minifigure but which would you replace, we have suggested replacing the Tusken Raider with Ahsoka Tano.

Share your thoughts/feelings about this year’s LEGO Advent Calendars with us on social media.

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