Let’s Talk About Star Wars Visions: The Elder

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On to the next Visions short! The Elder is a rather simple tale about a Jedi master and his padawan and their encounter with a Sith, but it’s pretty well done. So let’s talk about The Elder!


The Elder doesn’t really have much of a story. It’s about a Jedi master and his padawan traveling the galaxy as the master senses a disturbance in the Force. He wants to investigate and so they land on a planet. But here the disturbance can no longer be felt, but the villagers mention an old man that landed with his ship not too long ago, he then went into the mountains for some reason. Eventually the master and the padawan split up, the master stays behind to watch the ship and wait for the eventual return of the elder, whereas the padawan goes into the mounains to see if the elder can be found there. In the pre prequel time period we are apparently in the Sith have been extinct for quite a long time, so no one is sure what this disturbance in the Force could really be.

And of course the padawan finds the elder who turns out to be some kind of Sith after all, but he doesn’t really subscribe to their philosophy, which doesn’t mean he is not eager to kill Jedi.

The padawan and sith duel, but the padawan is no match really. But the master senses the disturbance in the Force once again as the Sith drops all pretense of being just an old man and he rushes to help his padawan. And the master manages to outwit the elder in the duel and kills him.

In the final minutes of the short the master talks to his padawan about the impermanence of power and how it was ultimately his old age that brought the elder down. The master feels he is also getting older but that the padawan shall still become stronger, so the old generation slowly fades as the new one steps up to take their place.

All in all The Elder was a good episode. While there’s not much too talk about in terms of story, the overall atmosphere and art style are quite good and the basic concept, a Jedi master roaming the galaxy with his padawan, has certainly potential. I believe a Disney+ series with this concept could be really fun. Showing us the Jedi in their prime in the pre prequel trilogy days. The master gave off strong Qui Gonn Jin vibes to me, he certainly has a similar personality. More adventures with the two characters could certainly be fun.

The duel was also well choreographed. And once again a Visions short features unique lightsaber designs. The katana, the samurai sword, still has a special cultural meaning in Japan, so it’s only natural that many of the shorts put so much emphasis on the lightsaber.

The Elder is certainly worth your time. It’s at times contemplative, then you get some nice action and even some philosophy in the end. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to use the basic concept for a Disney+ series. If there’s one thing Lucasfilm should learn from Visions then it’s that most people associate Jedi/Sith, the Force and lightsabers with Star Wars. Not bounty hunters or clonetroopers. It would be nice to get more content about these core Star Wars concepts, what made it Star Wars to begin with. Mystical knights using some mystical Force to fight against evil. The Elder proves that once more.

What did you think?

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