#Life after #death from the perspective of a #Christian analysis

For starters I want to apologize if you find grammatical or pronunciation errors in this book. I did my best to translate it correctly. Buying this book will help some children who are suffering. Also, if you want to help them more, you can visit the website https://www.sperantapentruromania.ro
God bless you!

This book has a dual purpose: first, to clarify lifeafter death in terms of Christian teaching,the “after death” experiences of today that have arouseda great concern in religious and scientific circles; and in alsecond, to show the sources that comprise Orthodox teachingabout life after death. Orthodox teaching is understood today so little especially for the fact that texts have were set aside and came to be “outdated” in the pastour “enlightened”. We tried to make these texts more easy to understand for today’s readers.
No needlet’s also say that they are a boundless reading material deeper and more profitable than the books well known by today, about life “after death”, which, even when not They’re just amazing, I just can’t go any deeper the spectacular surface of contemporary experiences, from lack a clear and true teaching about the whole issue of life after death. The orthodox teaching presented in this book will be without doubt criticized by some as too “simple” or even”Naive” to be believed by the man of this century.
That’s why it must be emphasized that this teaching is not of the few un representative teachers of the Orthodox Church, but it is the teaching which the Orthodox Church transmitted from its beginning, which is expressed in the Patristic writings without number in the Lives of the Saints and in the Holy Services of the Church Orthodox, and who was taught in the Church incessantly to the present dayour. The “simplicity” of this teaching is simplicitythe truth itself, which – whether expressed in this or in others Teachings of the Church – comes as a refreshing and clear source inin the midst of a dark confusion caused by various mistakes and vain opinions from many modern minds of the last centuries.

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