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Welcome back to Wednesday Links! I’m currently in Austin, Texas for the next week. State government aside and everything that comes with it, I really love this place and briefly considered moving here. That may still be on the table and I believe this is my fourth time visiting.

Oddly, a lot of my friends throughout life have ended up here – childhood neighbors, high school friends, grad school BFFs, and I’m reuniting with a cousin I haven’t seen in close to 20 years.

And, of course, I love the food. I’m also of the opinion that locally, La Barbecue is better barbecue than Franklin’s and you don’t have to get up at 8am to join the line to get in. As you all know, I usually have very strong food opinions.

Autostraddle is ranking cereal mascots by lesbianism. The top three doesn’t surprise me, though the list definitely highlighted how the cereal mascot industry is devoid of women characters.

Beverly Jenkins linked to a Book Riot piece on the lack of older main characters and romance and the Twitter comments came through with a few recommendations.

Does Romance Need More Older Protagonists?-

— Beverly Jenkins (@authorMsBev) October 2, 2021

Speaking of Texas (and it being spooky season), Texas Monthly has a recounting of some unsettling moments from some of the state’s many haunted hotels.

First off, thank you to the handful of you who sent this link my way! There’s currently a Barbie exhibit on British women’s clothing and one Twitter user had some thoughts on the outfits.

Today I discovered the most wonderful Barbie exhibition on British women’s clothing from 1066-1986 and it was the campest thing I have ever seen in my life so please bear with me as I judge women’s fashion on tiny little sexy Barbies: A THREADDDDDDDD

— Potter (@dontforgetjames) September 29, 2021

Lastly, I’m pretty sure I’ve shared Device Orchestra before, but its latest cover might be my favorite both in production value and style.

Don’t forget to share what cool or interesting things you’ve seen, read, or listened to this week! And if you have anything you think we’d like to post on a future Wednesday Links, send it my way!

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