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Lily Wang and Tobin Bui were part of a large and tightknit group of friends who called themselves the “Nerd Herd” growing up in Ponto Beach, California. Now, they’re both successful social media stars with huge YouTube followings: Lily is a beauty influencer, while Tobin focuses on gaming and pranks. Each of them feels under immense pressure to create new content and add followers. A chance interaction leads them to forge an unorthodox collaboration between their channels, even though it seems like their audiences have nothing in common. Being set in the cutthroat world of social media influencers gives the novel a young, vibrant edge. Lily and Tobin’s charming romance plays out over the weeks of their collaboration, with most of the conflict deriving from the differences in their work habits and professional values. Lily is hoping to add enough followers to get her own deals with cosmetics companies, but deep down she’s still craving acceptance from the cool kids who snubbed her in high school. Tobin is a big name on YouTube, but he’s struggling with burnout and parents who still push him to finish college and find a more respectable job. Tobin’s conflicts with his family and Lily’s quest for acceptance are likely to appeal to college-aged readers transitioning to adult romance, but others might wonder why two successful people nearing 30 haven’t moved past these problems in the decade since high school.

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