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Ava and Alexis McClure, real-life YouTube personalities, learn early that being identical twins means being the same in many ways. They have the same face, the same room, the same friends, the same pesky brother. So when they begin planning their first “Twintastic Fashion Show,” they assume they will—and must—agree on everything. But when it comes time to choose their outfits, they discover that they have quite different styles. While Ava “loves everything fancy,” Alexis “likes to keep it old-school cool.” Their disagreement causes tension, but the one thing they know is that they have to work as a team. So they tackle the other tasks first, and when they come back to deciding what they will wear, they have an idea that will suit both their styles. A final spread shows a series of photos of the twins posing in stylish outfits, with accompanying “Fierce Fashion Tips.” The twins’ account of their relationship, their differences, and their dedication to teamwork is endearing and memorable. Animation-style illustrations use a pink, purple, and blue color scheme with accents of flowers and stars. These dynamic Black girls are pictured sporting various natural hairstyles. Readers who aren’t already fans will be curious to discover the twins’ online presence.

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