Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir Characters: Age, Relationships, Ethnicity, and More

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Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir has always been one of the underrated animated shows you can watch. While it isn’t as popular as some of the Asian animated shows, it is a gem that tends to shine a lot, considering that it has been around for a while and is still going strong. The popularity of Miraculous can be attributed to its main characters. As such, we are here to get to know more about the characters of Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir.

1. Marinette Dupain-Cheng / Ladybug

Age: 13 to 14

Relationships: Sabine Cheng (mother), Tom Dupain (father), Ayla (best friend), Adrien (love interest), Tikki (partner), Luka Couffaine (ex-boyfriend)

Ethnicity: French-Chinese

Powers and Abilities: Ladybug Miraculous powers, Fashion design, Sewing, Graphic design, Gaming, Baking, Dancing, Fencing

Character Information: Marinette is the main character of Miraculous and goes by the superhero name of Ladybug whenever she uses the powers of her Miraculous. She is an ordinary teenager who is into boys and has a somewhat clumsy yet funny and sweet nature. Her dream is to become a fashion designer. However, thanks to her partner Tiki, she can transform into the superhero called Ladybug, who fights akumatized people all over the city of Paris.

2. Adrien Agreste / Cat Noir

Age: 13 to 14

Relationships: Emilie Agreste (mother), Gabriel Agreste (father), Amelie Graham de Vanily (aunt), Félix Graham de Vanily (cousin), Marinette Dupain-Cheng (love interest), Nino Lahiffe/Carapace (best friend), Kagami (ex-girlfriend)

Ethnicity: French

Powers and Abilities: Cat Noir Miraculous powers, Modelling, Sewing, Dancing, Gaming, Fencing, Hand-to-hand combat


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Character Information: Adrien is the secondary protagonist of the Miraculous series and is the one possessing the Cat Noir Miraculous. He is a rich boy who is very popular in school because of his status as a model and because of his good looks. Adrien is brave and empathetic towards his friends and classmates, and these are the qualities that allow him to be a powerful superhero called Cat Noir. He works together with Ladybug, but neither of them knows each other’s secret identities.

3. Alya Césaire / Rena Rouge

Age: 13 to 14

Relationships: Otis Césaire (father), Marlena Césaire (mother), Nora Césaire (older sister), Marinette (best friend), Nino (boyfriend)

Ethnicity: Martiniquan Creole-French

Powers and Abilities: Rena Rouge powers, Blogging, Acrobatics, Dancing, Reporting

Character Information: Alya is Marinette’s best friend and is the one who loves to play cupid whenever Adrien is around. She is an aspiring journalist, and that is one of the qualities that have allowed her to help Ladybug around. Later in the series, she gains the power of her kwami named Trixx, who allows her to transform into Rena Rouge, a fox superhero, as she fights alongside Ladybug.

4. Nino Lahiffe / Carapace

Age: 13 to 15

Relationships: Adrien (best friend), Alya (girlfriend)

Ethnicity: Morrocan-French

Powers and Abilities: Carapace powers, DJ skills

Character Information: Nino Lahiffe is Adrien’s best friend and is also the boyfriend of Alya. He is a charismatic individual that goes well with Adrien’s somewhat less-energetic personality. Like Adrien, he is a kind and empathetic individual who loves helping people out. As such, he was the perfect candidate for the Turtle Miraculous, which allows him to transform into Carapace, who uses a shell-like shield that is capable of providing offense and defense for Nino.

5. Gabriel Agreste / Hawk Moth

Age: Mid to late 30s

Relationships: Emilie Agreste (wife), Adrien Agreste (son), Amelie Graham de Vanily (sister-in-law), Félix Graham de Vanily (nephew)

Ethnicity: French

Powers and Abilities: Akumatization, Telepathy, Business savvy, Fashion designing, Fencing

Character Information: Gabriel Agreste is the main antagonist of the entire Miraculous series as he is secretly the villain named Hawk Moth, who is responsible for the akumatization that’s happening all throughout the city of Paris. He is Adrien’s father, although their relationship isn’t exactly steady. His sole purpose is to obtain the Ladybug and Cat Noir Miraculous because he wants to use them to shape reality as he pleases so that he can undo his past mistakes.

6. Luka Couffaine / Viperion

Age: 15 to 16

Relationships: Juleka Couffaine (twin sister), Marinette (ex-girlfriend)

Ethnicity: French

Powers and Abilities: Viperion powers, Guitar and violin playing, Biking


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Character Information: Luka is a student at the school that Marinette attends and is actually her ex-boyfriend. He is a kindhearted person who seems to be empathetic as well as he is capable of understanding how people feel. Luka is a gifted musician and belongs to the band called Kitty Section. While he and Marinette dated for a while, the relationship was kind of confusing because Marinette still had feelings for Adrien and only saw Luka in a platonic kind of way.

7. Max Kanté / Pegasus

Age: 13 to 15

Relationships: Claudie Kanté (mother)

Ethnicity: South African

Powers and Abilities: Pegasus powers, Gaming, Genius intellect

Character Information: Max is another one of the students that go to Marinette’s school and is also one of her friends. He is Kim’s best friend and was akumatized on several occasions. Nevertheless, he is a kind boy who is capable of standing out because of his intelligence. Max is also quite competitive when it comes to video games and sports, and that allowed him to be a good candidate for the Horse Miraculous.

8. Kagami Tsurugi / Ryuko

Age: 14

Relationships: Tomoe Tsurugi (mother), Adrien (ex-boyfriend)

Ethnicity: Japanese

Powers and Abilities: Dragon Miraculous powers, Dancing, Fencing, Archery, Hand-to-hand combat

Character Information: Kagami is a Japanese girl who also goes to the same school that Marinette goes to. She was able to attract the attention of Adrien as they became rivals in fencing. Kagami is a strong-willed, intelligent, and strong girl who knows how to stay true to her convictions. And this allowed her to excel as Ryuko, the wielder of the powers of the Dragon Miraculous.

9. Alix Kubdel / Bunnyx

Age: 15

Relationships: Marinette and friends

Ethnicity: French-Arabic

Powers and Abilities: Bunnyx powers, Skating


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Character Information: Alix is another one of Marinette’s friends who contribute to the overall storyline of the Miraculous series. She is an outgoing and carefree girl who is often seen by her friends as strong and capable of facing any challenge ahead of her. Alix is also somewhat a rebellious person and is strong enough to stay true to her belief in gender equality. On top of that, Alix is an achiever in school because she excels in academics, sports, and friendships.

10. Kim Ature (Lê Chin Kim) / King Monkey

Age: 13 to 15

Relationships: Max (best friend)

Ethnicity: Vietnamese-French

Powers and Abilities: Monkey powers, Running, Swimming

Character Information: Kim is Max’s best friend and is one of the most competitive persons in the series. He is so competitive in everything, and that’s why he often excels in any kind of sport or goal that he wants to achieve. Probably the only time he failed at obtaining a goal was winning Chloé’s heart, and this was the reason why he was akumatized. Nevertheless, he became King Monkey after he was granted the Monkey Miraculous.

11. Zoé Lee / Vesperia

Age: 13 to 15

Relationships: Audrey Bourgeois (mother), André Bourgeois (stepfather), Chloé (half-sister)

Ethnicity: American-French

Powers and Abilities: Bee Miraculous powers, Acting

Character Information: Zoé is a character that came from New York City and transferred to the school that Marinette attends. She is Chloé’s half-sister but is different from her in a lot of ways. Zoé is charming, loving, and kind, and those qualities allowed her to befriend Marinette rather quickly. Later on, she was able to acquire her sister’s Miraculous and turned in Vesperia.

12. Chloé Bourgeois / Queen Banana

Age: 13 to 15

Relationships: André Bourgeois (father), Audrey Bourgeois (mother), Zoé Lee (half-sister)

Ethnicity: French

Powers and Abilities: Queen Banana powers, Social manipulation, Ballet

Character Information: Chloé is one of the few characters on Miraculous that doesn’t really get along with Ladybug because of her brash, boastful, and arrogant personality. As such, she is one of the antagonists of the series and is actually the rival of both Marinette and Ladybug. She used to possess the Bee Miraculous but was akumatized and became Queen Banana.

13. Tikki

Age: Billions of years

Relationships: Marinette (partner)

Ethnicity: Kwami

Powers and Abilities: Miraculous Ladybug, Flight, Levitation

Character Information: Tikki is a kwami who is the close friend of Marinette, considering that they are partners. She is the one who grants Marinette her ability to transform into the superhero named Ladybug, and that means that she fights alongside her. On top of that, Tikki has been around since the dawn of the universe and has been granting her powers to deserving people for about 5000 years already.

14. Plagg

Age: Millions of years

Relationships: Adrien (partner)


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Ethnicity: Kwami

Powers and Abilities: Cat Noir, Flight, Levitation

Character Information: Plagg is the second main Kwami of the entire Miraculous series because he is the partner of Adrien. He is the one who grants Adrien the power of the Cat Miraculous, and that is why Adrien can transform into Cat Noir. While he is also quite old, his age pales in comparison to Tikki’s age, as he has only been around for a few million years.

15. Master Wang Fu

Age: 186

Relationships: Marianne Lenoir (wife)

Ethnicity: Chinese

Powers and Abilities: Kung-Fu, Miraculous holder

Character Information: Master Wang Fu is the guardian of the Miraculouses and is the one responsible for granting the powers of the Miraculous to those who are deserving so that they could fight evil and put a stop to Hawk Moth’s plans. As the guardian of the Miraculouses, he is capable of using their powers as well. However, at one point in time, he was actually akumatized by Hawk Moth.

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