My favorite posts of 2021

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At the beginning of the new year I love to look back on where we’ve been, and blog happenings are no exception. I recently shared the 12 most popular posts of 2021, as determined by the numbers.

These are the posts of 2021 that I personally liked the most, the ones that mean a lot to me, the ones I find myself referring to all the time. I picked them for different reasons: because i remember the inspiration, because I’m quite fond of the post/writing, or because the comments section is fabulous.

I’ve grouped these loosely by topic, but other than that, they’re not ranked in any way.

My favorite posts of the year


The best thing I’ve done for my reading life lately (a TBR trick).

The most common refrain I heard in 2020: “My reading life was weird this year.” It prompted me to share this helpful trick.

Fill your house with joyful light.

Our MMD Book Club community manager Ginger Horton wrote here about a practical change she made at home after reading a great book. (Your Target runs will never be the same.)

Three questions to ask yourself when you finish reading a book.

A simple framework to help you think about how to assess the quality of a book, or even painting, sculpture, or Netflix show.


The tiny domestic tasks that are saving my life right now.

“It feels odd to say that laundry is saving my life, but it’s not really the laundry that’s doing it. It’s the transformation of a once-begrudged task into an intriguing puzzle (and you know how I feel about puzzles); the subtle shift in mindset to approaching the quotidian with intention and care.”

Not every adventure has to be grand.

The pandemic wrecked our much-anticipated travel plans, but here I write about a mindset shift that’s helped a lot.

10 things I learned (from YOU) in 10 years of blogging.

I wrote this post about blogging as a communal effort to mark Modern Mrs Darcy’s tenth anniversary.

Stuff I love:

25 jigsaw puzzles so enticing you might not mind winter weather.

Now THAT is high praise. I share plenty of my favorites, and you do the same in comments.

Sweet treats for the summer heat.

In which I talk about a favorite simple pleasure.

8 (mostly) little things I’m loving for mid-summer.

This post is representative of the “loving lately” posts I periodically share about small things bringing me an inordinate amount of joy. I love putting these posts together, and I always look forward to hearing about your own small joys.

Comments sections filled with gold:

How do you feel about long books?

I posed this question after finishing The Count of Monte Cristo. Your comments are AMAZING.

8 workout staples that make getting fit a little more fun.

Having athletic clothes that fit and feel good makes working out easier—and it’s not unreasonable to think fun workout attire also makes it a little more fun. I loved getting this peek into a part of your life we don’t often talk about around here.

What are your chilly weather go-to meals?

Because I always need ideas!

Book lists:

15 propulsive literary mysteries that balance plot and prose.

This post is dedicated to my very favorite (invented) subgenre: compulsively readable literary mysteries.

10 books with satisfying endings that come full-circle.

I love when an author pens a perfect ending that leaves me with a big smile on my face.

9 books that changed my frame of mind about chores.

Who wants to read books about chores? I DO!! It’s not just the comfort of reading about house and home that draws me in—it’s the philosophy around small tasks and care-taking.

20 backlist favorites from 10 years of the Summer Reading Guide.

By popular request. I’ve returned to many of the books on this list for a reread.

15 books to take you on a vicarious vacation.

These escapist reads invite you to go on a grand adventure without leaving home at all.

10 novels told in interconnected short stories.

These well-crafted novels told in short stories or vignettes will keep you turning the pages—or compel you to slowly savor each chapter.

33 historical fiction books avid readers can’t get enough of.

We asked our community of readers what their favorite historical novels were and they certainly delivered. The comments are fantastic.

15 super short audiobooks you can finish in four hours or less.

Whether you’re testing the audiobook waters or looking for something quick to jazz up your reading life, short audiobooks are a great way to enjoy a good story.

P.S. The most popular posts of 2021 are right here. For more superlatives: check out my favorite books of 2021 and my favorite audiobooks and listening experiences of 2021.

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