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When Rosalind Kinwood’s lady’s maid goes missing she seeks help from Ned Wentworth because of his association with others from low origins. Ned may have ducal connections and wealth now, but his grim past included poverty and time in prison, which have led to scandalous rumors. Rosalind understands how it feels to be judged and criticized; she gets ridiculed for her outspokenness and the way she used to stutter. Rosalind and Ned get along well from the get-go. The romantic arc is primarily about how they each become more confident in themselves through being loved by the other. It’s a soft, sweet love between kind, thoughtful, and intelligent characters. While the story mostly focuses on the two leads, the narrative occasionally shifts to various side characters in a way that adds further excitement to the plot and more depth to the characters. Drama comes from the mystery, although that’s given a leisurely pace until the climactic end. Rich with historical detail, the novel weaves in other plotlines that explore family dynamics and social issues. The large cast of side characters may be overwhelming to newcomers to the Rogues to Riches series, but for those who have read prior installments, it’s a treat to check in with all the other Wentworths and their partners.

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