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Readers, I can’t deny that my email inbox is often a source of frustration and overwhelm. I’m always in search of ways to cut the clutter to feel productive and connected instead of frazzled.

Taking myself off the list for sales emails or deleting long unopened messages helps, but perhaps ironically, subscribing to a select few email newsletters brings more joy and less stress to my inbox. I love carefully curated and well-written newsletters that help me stay informed, find new recipes, and investigate niche (and nerdy) topics.

Often, I save my favorite newsletters as a treat to read after I’ve cleared my inbox for the day—or I treat them like the Sunday paper, brewing myself a cup of tea and sitting down to leisurely read them on a quiet afternoon.

Today I’m sharing six newsletters that make me look forward to checking my inbox each week. If you subscribe to any excellent email newsletters, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Culture Study

When I turn to Will and say, “I just read something interesting …” I often first read about it in Culture Study first. Anne Helen Petersen encourages her readers to “think more about the culture that surrounds you.” She writes about everything from Peloton exercise culture to millennial burnout. She also brings in guest experts for interview-style articles on topics I didn’t expect to be interested in and then find surprisingly fascinating. When I don’t have time to sit down with this newsletter, I save the archives and don’t delete them until after reading.

I had such a fun time talking books with Anne on WSIRN Episode 284: I need an irresistible read this summer. (We also discuss the unexpected origin of her interview philosophy for those newsletters I so enjoy.) 

The Bittman Project 

Among other things on his extensive resume, Mark Bittman was the lead magazine food writer for the New York Times for 30 years. His newsletter provides good recipes and interesting conversation. He frequently highlights easy vegetarian recipes, which is much appreciated as I end up passing many them right along to my vegetarian daughter; we both really appreciate the new ideas on that front. 

Smitten Kitchen Weekly Digest

I’m a longtime fan of Deb and her popular food blog. Her Monday newsletter includes a smattering of seasonal recipes, foodie links, and favorites from the Smitten Kitchen blog archives. It’s a quick read with a reliable format, great content, and Deb’s signature sense of humor.

Strong Towns

Readers, of course I subscribe to an urban planning newsletter! (Several, actually, but this is my favorite.) I first discovered Strong Towns when Will gave me this book for Christmas, and I’ve followed along ever since. Their newsletter is a great way to keep up with their organization, and I especially like seeing what links they highlight on Friday afternoons. (If you’re surprised by my interest in this topic, check out this post.)


This one is newer to my inbox. Austen scholar Devoney Looser writes about “the latest on history’s strong women, from Jane Austen to roller derby.” Devoney shares a new installment about every other month with witty updates on her work and what’s going on in the world of Austen Academia. I’m excited to keep up with her work, especially after having such a fun time talking all things Austen with her in the Modern Mrs Darcy Book Club!

The Lazy Letter

Kendra Adachi shares short and sweet podcast episodes full of great advice on The Lazy Genius. Her Lazy Letter newsletter is long and thoughtful. This is where she often writes about stuff that she might not post about on Instagram, like a celebrity deep dive or how she bawled her eyes out after finishing a certain popular YA fantasy series.

Modern Mrs. Darcy

We take the privilege of visiting your inbox seriously, and aim to provide just the right amount of book news, announcements, and interesting links to enhance your reading life. For that regular dose of bookish delight in your inbox, we send several types of email to subscribers.

Modern Mrs. Darcy Newsletter: I send this out once or twice a month with stories and content only for subscribers. If you enjoy reading my more reflective blog posts, this newsletter is for you! What Should I Read Next Newsletter: This is our weekly newsletter for all things podcast-related, with updates about the show and alerts about special listener opportunities. I also share three links I love, and one I don’t, and what I’ve been reading lately. Blog Posts: If you don’t want to miss our blog content (e.g., life updates, sweaters for every fall wish list, (mostly) little things I’m loving lately), subscribe to our blog post emails. Books & Reading Blog Posts only: We won’t send you every blog post, just our book lists and reading-related content. Ebook Deals: We send a hand-curated list of deals about five times a week. If you’re a frequent e-reader, these emails provide a heads-up about sales, along with our short blurbs to help you decide which books are worth downloading.

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