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Enter Hanne, princess of Embria, whose political marriage to Rune, prince of Caberwill, is slated to unite two out of three enemy kingdoms and commence the long trek toward a united front against Malice. However, plans, well laid as they may be, go awry, and when they do, help is sought from an unpopular source. A whirlwind plot ensues, with four point-of-view characters providing shifting perspectives. The titular entity, Nightrender, stalks the pages in stilted confusion. Hanne is ruthless and scheming, Rune hapless and well meaning, and Nadine, Hanne’s cousin and lady-in-waiting, inserts commentary. Potential romances of various formations linger in the wings, setting the stage for a sequel sure to be thick with amorous intrigues. The worldbuilding is rich but can feel unwieldy, especially with regard to painting the tapestry of social conventions in Salvation. Attraction to multiple genders is seemingly normalized, but this aspect of society is not woven into the story. Most characters are cued as White.

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