NorCon Returned to Norfolk Showground Arena and Enjoyed Geeking Out Again

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People flocked to the Norfolk Showground this past weekend for the return of NorCon; a comic, cosplay and superhero celebration which featured folks from the UK Garrison, Rebel Legion and Mando Mercs.

Now in its 10th year the two day event saw the Batmobile parked up alongside daleks while Star Wars characters caught up over light sabers.

Exhibitors also showed off the latest in collectables and gadgets, as people dressed as their favourite comic book and film stars took in the displays and guest speakers.

James and Hayley Ducker came dressed as Shakespearean Ghostbusters and told ITV Anglia how good it was to be back at their local Comic Con.

“We’ve done so many cons in the past, well some cons in the past and this is just so fun, just seeing all the different costumes and seeing everybody it’s just so much fun. And after everything we’ve had to go through over the past 18 months it’s just so amazing to just come here and see everyone geeking out.” James and Hayley Ducker, Shakespearean Ghostbusters

The event also welcomed a host of all-star guests  including actor John Rhys-Davies, star of Hollywood blockbusters Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones.

Mark Dean, the Director of NorCon said the Norfolk TV, film and comic con was all about celebrating all things geeky.

“It brings people in from across the UK and if it wasn’t for the Covid we’d be getting a lot more international visitors as well. We bring a lot of people into the Norfolk area which is brilliant to see.” Mark Dean, Director of NorCon

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