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Many of us would not exist on the internet today without the work of Philip Wise who owns/runs, and he has announced his retirement from the site after almost 25 years, passing the mantle to Joshua Durazzo.

After more than 25 years, I’m retiring from Rebelscum, and I’m delighted to pass the control of the site to Joshua Durazzo, a guy I met earlier this year after two my good friends sold part of their collections to his company. It can be found on Facebook at Order 66 Toys. He has a team that is full of passionate people anxious to pick up here and move it into the next phase. They travel the world buying Star Wars collections, and then curate them into groups and sell them on Facebook Live events.

It will be a controlled migration to Joshua, so don’t expect a ton of changes, other than a resurgence of content, taking advantage of their knowledge and access to the mass quantities of Star Wars collectibles that they come across.

It’s been quite a ride for all of us here with you, but I’m also looking forward to having a little more time building things in my New Wookiee Workshop.

[email protected] is my new email address, though [email protected] will work for some time as well.

We wish Philip, well and cannot wait to see what wonders he comes up with in his New Wookiee Workshop.

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