Podcast Stardust #320: The High Republic 8 & 9

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We return to Cavan Scott’s The High Republic with a discussion of issues eight and nine. One story ends in issue eight, and another begins in issue nine. The crusade against the Drengir comes to a head when the Jedi and the Hutts arrive on Mulita to find and capture the Great Progenitor. Can the Jedi maintain their alliance with the Hutts long enough to get the job done? Next, Avar Kriss and Stellan Gios disagree about how the campaign against the Nihil should proceed. Therefore, Avar secretly decides to send Keeve Trennis undercover to the Nihil to attempt to figure out where they are and who is in command. Keeve will be tested like never before. Join us as we discuss the latest two issues from Marvel.

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