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It might seem antithetical that a children’s book teaching readers yoga postures and the concept of mindfulness—which focuses on the here and now—would use space and space travel as a backdrop. But the playful conceit makes sense considering this title instructs children (and adults sharing the book with kids) to stretch various body parts—arms, hips—up, out, and toward the sky as it demonstrates and describes poses, relaxation techniques, and measured-breathing exercises. It also empowers kids to soar with their minds and imaginations. Simply written, comprehensible text explains the movements and breathing methods required for each pose (which become more complex as the book advances). Colorful illustrations feature lively, space-themed scenes, affirming a sense of adventure as a young, light-skinned child with a ponytail models different, clearly depicted postures. Backmatter elaborates on the physical and emotional benefits inherent in each included pose. (This book was reviewed digitally.)

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