Some of the Best Book Club Gifts for the Holidays

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Book clubs are special places. Whether serious discussion happens or whether they’re an excuse to get out of the house and get together, with a minimal nod to the book, they’re a fun place for avid readers to socialise – sometimes over snacks and wine, or other delicious goodies.

The people in my book club count among my best and most long-standing friends. I’ve been in D.C. for nine years, and part of my book club for almost as long. And because of the rhythm of book clubs, we see each other regularly – more regularly than I see a lot of my other friends in a busy city where everyone has competing priorities. At the height of the pandemic, pouring out a glass of wine and hanging out with them over Zoom could single-handedly brighten up my weekends.

So it makes sense, when I’m thinking ahead to the holidays, that I would want to treat some of them to some of the gifts below. In fact, in putting together this guide, I’ve been inspired to suggest a book club–themed holiday gift exchange. Maybe you could too!

Set the mood for a cosy evening with this candle. $6

Nothing says “book club host” like this cushion, casually thrown onto your sofa. $37

Bringing a bottle? That’s what this tote bag is for. $23

And, if your book club doubles as a wine tasting club, why not have the glasses that unashamedly say so? $10

You’re going to need a way to keep those wine glasses straight. Cue these adorable book charms. From $15

If you’re more of a hot cocoa kind of book club, these adorable mugs will do the job. $14

Whether for wine or hot drinks, these cute coasters will come in handy. From $7

Staying behind to help clean up? These tea towels will come in handy. $20

Proclaim your allegiances loudly and proudly with this pin! $12

Or wear your love for your book club on your wrist with this charm bracelet. $12

This reading patch is another great way to carry your love for your book club with you wherever you go. $6

Is all this talk of book clubs making you wish you were part of one? Have a read of this piece on how to start a book club. And here’s another take on holiday gift exchanges: why not try used books?

– Claire Handscombe

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