Star Wars Splash Page #253: Looking Over My Shoulder

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We’re returning to Vader’s castle on Mustafar for the fourth outing of IDW’s spooky Star Wars stories, thanks to Cavan Scott, Francesco Francavilla, Megan Levens, Charlie Kirchoff and Shawn Lee, in a story that brings Milo and Lina Graf, along with Padme and Anakin. It’s a genuinely creepy tale that combines The Thing with Dawn of the Dead and, frankly, we want more, more, more! (Thank goodness it’s a weekly five-issue mini-series!)In Bounty Hunters #16, we see Valance and Dengar’s efforts to deal with Boba Fett from another angle, yet more importantly, the importance of Cadelah, she who could unite the Broken Hand and Mourner’s Wail, vastly expands as foundations are built for events in the upcoming Crimson Reign five-issue mini-series set for release in December. It’s a weighty issue, filled with flashbacks and more, but worth the effort. (Though it would have benefitted immensely from the use of editor’s notes here and there to ease the reader forward).In news, the only topic is the report, as yet unverified, that Disney/Lucasfilm has pulled the Star Wars license from IDW Publishing. We break down what it may mean for Star Wars Adventures and the slate of The High Republic Adventures titles, as well as what may come. It’s nebulous and uncertain, but we’re optimistic.

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