Star Wars Splash Page #254: Reunited (And It Feels So Good)

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This week it’s Jeff flying solo while Matt tends to Matt-type MATTers (See what we did there?). First up is Star Wars Adventures in which we get the thrilling conclusion of the saga of the ancient vengeful spirits….or are they? Following that is a backup involving bratty kids, oversized Jawas, a mysterious amulet, and Jeff’s favorite: SPIDERS.Following that, Jeff takes a look at issue 2 of Ghosts of Vader’s Castle and we find out just what happens when a 6-foot rabbit and a 7 1/2 foot Wookie get cross with one another. Oh, and they’re also actually closer to 50 feet tall each. This continues to be a fun series that we can’t get enough of.Rounding out the week’s books is Marvel’s lone offering: Star Wars #17. Luke and Vader trade blows while Lando and Chewie try to get the Falcon back up and running after a seismic charge delayed their pursuit of Han Solo. Lando reconnects with the ship (and himself) in an unexpected and wholly satisfying way.Fear not, Matt will return next week to keep Jeff from mispronouncing names!

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