Star Wars Splash Page #267: Hero in Your Hometown

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Valance Beilert is razor-focused, not so much on serving Lord Vader, but keep Cadeliah safe while T’Onga and Losha’s band of bounty hunters — Zuckuss, Tasu Leech and Bossk — are striving to make sense of a criminal underworld upended by the return of Crimson Dawn in a taught and action-intense Bounty Hunters #19.

In Star Wars Adventures #13, the IDW series’ penultimate issue, Rey, Finn, Chewbacca and BB-8 ferry a Resistance asset who’s being pursued by a pernicious bounty hunter in the employ of the First Order. The second story, by Danny Lore, is a suspenseful and well-paced narrative of three Jedi Temple caretakers who discover Darth Vader has arrived and is heading for them.

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