Star Wars Splash Page #269: Everything’s Gone Green

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With four issues out today, it’s a longer-than-normal podcast, but the extra time is well spent, given the foundations laid in the pages of The High Republic — Eye of the Storm #1 (of 2) that details how Marchion Ro became who he is and, along with him, the Nihil. 

In Bounty Hunters #20, it seems that Gands not only have a divine sense of awareness, but hearts that are easy to break. It’s a well-crafted story that sees Zuckuss pining for his dearest friend, 4-LOM. Will he find him and can he subvert the droid’s new protocols that are aimed at taking the Gand’s life?

In the penultimate issue of The High Republic Adventures, the bond between Zeen and Lula is strengthened, even as each of them realize that moving on may moving apart. It’s a heartening chapter in this series and worth your time.

Finally, in Star Wars #20, legends are made real and the mystical aspects of Star Wars that Charles Soule explored in his Darth Vader run gets a light-side exploration that portends so many intriguing notions and concepts.

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