Star Wars: Visions Manga Shares First Details

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Star Wars: Visions is the first time that the story of Jedi and Sith received an anime adaptation, with Disney+ working in tandem with a number of anime studios to create an anthology series that was critically acclaimed. Though a second season has yet to be confirmed for this unique series, the manga adaptation is set to arrive later next month, and the publication that will be printing the stories, Big Gangan, has revealed a few more stories from the original anime that will be adapted via this upcoming printed tale by some major players within the world of manga.

To start, the Star Wars Visions manga has confirmed that the adaptation of “The Twins”, a story that saw a brother and sister struggling from alternate sides of the light and dark sides, will be adapted by Satou Keisuke, the mangaka responsible for the creation of Little Witch Academia. Following up this, the manga will also see an adaptation of “The Ninth Jedi”, one of the fan-favorite stories of the anthology, drawn by Yuusuke Oosawa, of Green Worldz and Dr. Duo fame. Finally, “Lop & Ochou”, a story of Jedi and Sith starring a young bunny girl will be adapted to the printed page by mangaka Haruichi, who is responsible for the creation of the volleyball series known as Haikyu.

Twitter User Manga Mogora RE shared the new details from Big Gangan with regards to the upcoming Star Wars: Visions manga adaptation, which is set to land on May 25th, giving Star Wars fans a brand new way to follow some of the biggest stories from the universe of Jedi and Sith:

More Star Wars Visions manga adaptions in Big Gangan are planned:

“Lop & Ochou” by Haruichi in issue 7

“The Ninth Jedi” by Oosawa Yusuke in issue 8

“The Twins” by Satou Keisuke in issue 9

Image (C) Square Enix, Haruichi, Oosawa Yusuke, Satou Keisuke, Lucasfilm Ltd, Disney

— Manga Mogura RE (@MangaMoguraRE) April 24, 2022

While a second season of Star Wars: Visions has yet to be confirmed at this point, we here at previously had the opportunity to chat with producer James Waugh about the possibility of more episodes coming down the pipeline and whether there might in fact be a new anthology series:

“Yes, absolutely. We’ll see what happens. Let’s see how the response is to this anthology, and I hope it’s as positive as your experience, which makes me really happy we did.”


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