Star Wars: Visions Revisited – Highlights from The Ninth Jedi and T0-B1

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The official site shares the top highlights from episodes five and six of Star Wars: Visions, The Ninth Jedi and T0-B1.

Spoiler warning: This article discusses story details from the Star Wars: Visions.

Star Wars: Visions – Episode 5: The NINTH JEDI

1. The Jedi arrive.

The innocent Ethan comes to the Hy Izlan Aerial Temple where he meets other Jedi summoned by Margrave Juro. But the elder warriors have their suspicions of Juro, and the Margrave’s creepy droid doesn’t help much. It’s at this point that the audience knows something is up, setting the ominous tone for the short.

2.  The speeder bike chase.

In a thrilling sequence clearly influenced by Luke and Leia’s chase in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Jedi hunters pursue Kara through the Hy Izlan forest. The sense of speed and action choreography are fantastic, but we also learn that Kara is a gifted warrior herself.

3. Delivery of the lightsabers.

In the reality of “The Ninth Jedi,” a lightsaber takes its color from the heart of the one wielding it. When Kara finally delivers the weapons to those waiting at the temple — and the blades all glow red — we realize that they’re not Jedi at all. A chilling moment.

Star Wars: Visions – Episode 6: T0-B1

1. A magical room.

T0-B1’s search for his friend C03 leads him to an entrancing space in their home: an observation tower where the walls are etched with tales of heroism, laser swords, and the fight against the Empire.

2. Search for a kyber crystal.

I love the musical score that accompanies T0-B1’s search, literally lifting rocks in his quest to find the hidden gem and trying to use the Force without success.

3. Professor Mitaka’s surprise.

The benevolent professor is wise in the ways of the Force. After paraphrasing Master Yoda, he surprises T0-B1 by removing the door of his hidden ship using his mind and the mystical energy binding the galaxy. But the arrival of an Inquisitor forces Mitaka to sacrifice himself to protect the child he loves.

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