Star Wars: Visions Revisited – Highlights from The Twins and The Village Bride

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The official site shares the top highlights from episodes three and four of Star Wars: Visions, The Twins and The Village Bride.

Spoiler warning: This article discusses story details from the Star Wars: Visions.

Star Wars: Visions – Episode 3: The TWINS

1. Introducing the twins.

Both Karre and Am look frightening — and really cool — in their Vader-inspired armor. But when they have a standoff, Karre’s clearly changed, and it’s illustrated perfectly in the energetic jettisoning of his dark-side duds.

2. Not so fast.

As Karre looks to escape in his X-wing, he learns — along with the audience — just how powerful his sister is. It’s an amazing display made all the more effective thanks to Trigger’s hyperactive storytelling.

3. Am powers up.

As if Am’s abilities weren’t terrifying enough, we now see what happens when she gets a kyber-crystal upgrade. It ain’t pretty, but it’s pretty fun. And this moment encapsulates the freedom that Visions offers creators and the freshness it brings to Star Wars, taking something we know in kyber crystals and tweaking it just enough to surprise viewers.

Star Wars: Visions – Episode 4: THE VILLAGE BRIDGE

1. The temple visit.

The trek to the altar is arduous, especially for the young groom carrying his betrothed on his back up literal mountain inclines, part of the local custom born from a deep affinity for the natural world. But the location of their wedding evokes Jedi temples we’ve seen before, with one steadfast pillar and the power of two to unlock the magic within.

2. Aftermath of a war.

The wedding feast should be a time of celebration, but in stark contrast to the happy event, one scared villager delves into the sad story of his world. His village was stripped of resources by the Separatists only for his people to be hounded by dreaded battle droids even after the conflict was over. Opportunistic pirates helped themselves in the chaos, and now it’s down to one young woman, the chief’s granddaughter, to surrender herself for peace.

3. A Padawan no more.

Or is it? F’s face is unreadable behind her mask, but as the day breaks she is resolute, shedding her shield and slicing through the braid that marked her as a student, ready to become the master of her own destiny.

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