Stuff We Like: A Return to My Weird and Wonderful Etsy Wishlist

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Hey all! We haven’t done one of these in a while. I’ve done these a few times where I take a look at some of the items I’ve favorited from some eclectic shops. Let’s not forget the toilet mouse or broccoli sheep.

What will be the bizarro item this time? Well you’ll just have to find out!

NB: the links herein are affiliate-coded, which means a portion of any purchase comes back to the site (thanks!) at no extra cost to you. If you use them, great! And if not, no worries!

Sherlock’s Study 8oz. Candle from Frostbeard ($19.75)

I’ve been buying Frostbeard candles for years. I’m also a slut for candles in general. Sarah recently asked me for recommendations for candles with more masculine scents and this was one of the ones I suggest. If you ever want to talk candles, hit me up!

Porcelain Jackalope Necklace from Camp Hollow ($36)

How flippin’ cute is this thing! Camp Hollow has a ton of jewelry with adorable hand-painted porcelain animals. One of my favorites is a sleeping possum hanging by its tail. This one is on a 24 inch chain and I think would look super cute with any outfit!

Crystal Ball Pocket Oracle Cards by Athene Arcana ($21.59)

For my occultist Bitchery, how gorgeous is this 13-card oracle deck. This is mean to be a mini deck for on-the-go readings. The artwork was all hand-drawn and I’m completely in love with the color palette. I also get some vague Labyrinth vibes.

Demon Duo Tea Set by Novel Tea Tins ($29.95)

These tea tins are like works of art! Each tin comes with 2oz of these custom tea blends. Cthulhu is a green tea blend, while Calcifer’s contains a black tea blend. If you love book or media inspired teas, definitely give the shop a browse. I think this will be right up the Bitchery’s alley.

Saturn Necklace by BC Jewelry NYC ($16)

Look at this dainty mf-er! This little Saturn comes in three different colors – pink opal, blue opal, and white opal. They’re also on a 16 inch chain. I know myself and I feel like I would snag this on a scarf in a heartbeat, but a gal can dream.

And now, the weird finisher we’ve all be waiting for. In fairness, I did have weirder options but they were sold out. I’ll have to save them for another time. However, I did find this little guy that I added to my wishlist god knows when.

Wizard Frog Print (matted and boarded) by Hollandaize ($16)

What a stately and aggressive guy. There’s just something about the “make haste, wench” text that really speaks to me, along with the psychedelic background. If you have an obsession with frogs and toads, or love cute and weird stickers, check out this shop.

Well there you have it! Some highlights from my personal Etsy wishlist. Have you made any great discovers lately from small shops?

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