Stunning Miniature Book Necklaces To Read in a Pinch

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There are so many beautiful pieces of bookish jewelry out there. Whether you want a dainty silver book locket or earrings that show off your fandom love, there is an accessory for every bookish outfit and interest. My latest obsession, though, is tiny books. Not just pendants that look like books, not molded books or book-like engraved metal, but functional books with pages that are very small.

I blame finding fairy bookshelves. They sent me down the rabbit hole of dollhouse libraries and tiny carved driftwood bookshelves. There’s something about making an object I love very small that I cannot resist. As much as I’m drawn to those tiny shelves, though, it’s the miniature books that are the most exciting. Those minute pages make it seem like they hide secrets told in script you’d need a magnifying glass to read.

I don’t have a dollhouse, though, or any justifiable reason to collect handfuls of teeny tomes. Put those books on a chain, though, and they’re much more reasonable! These book necklaces all have turnable pages — or, at the very least, what look like turnable pages. Many of them are miniature journals, so you can jot down very condensed ideas no matter where you are. Gird your wallet before scrolling!

I can’t stop staring at this gorgeous necklace made up of 11 overlapping book necklaces! They’re all made from vintage leather and blank pages, waiting to be filled with your thoughts. $358

For some reason, tiny books with tiny keys make for an ideal necklace combo, to me. This one is labelled dark academia, if that’s your aesthetic! $42

This 3/4 inch journal necklace, on the other hand, is cottagecore. $49

Here’s a miniature diary pendant made of eco faux leather and recycled craft paper. I love the little latch on this one, too! $44

A tiny leather journal with a red heart on the front and red pages — but don’t worry, there’s also a key charm! $45

Or you can get this all-black mini journal, including the pages. You’ll have to carry around metallic gel pens to write in it, but you’ll give off an impressively witchy vibe. $44

This tiny tree of life journal has aged pages and an adjustable cord. $19

Another variation on tiny books and keys! This one has a key embedded in the cover of the mini journal. It’s a bargain at $13

This miniature book pendant is square and has a detailed, eye-catching cover! $25

I can’t believe how intricate this tiny dragon journal is! $44 (Might I also recommend this post about dragon journals and bookmarks?)

Mini book necklaces don’t have to be leather! This one has a birch bark cover. $39

Another variation of the wooden book journal pendant, this one is pyro engraved! $19

There are several versions of this mini book pendant with a drawn flower cover! $24

This one-of-a-kind tiny book was made from an 1896 map book! $51 (Or here’s an even smaller version for $49)

This botanical illustration book is gorgeous in its own right, but it also doubles as a charming necklace pendant! $48

This seller has tons of options for different miniature books paired with charms. This one is a Narnia title with a lion charm! $16

This necklace not only displays the cover of Pride and Prejudice, it also has quotations and illustrations from the book! Plus a piano charm. $48

Here’s another seller with a huge selection of titles to pick from! This is a Winnie-the-Pooh book with illustrations and a quotation from the series. $38–49

This leather book pendant shows off the cover of a vintage copy of Edmund Dulac’s Fairy Book. $30

If you can’t find a title you want to wear on your chest, though, you can get a custom version! $21

For a “break in case of emergency” read, here’s a tiny version of The Language and Sentiment of Flowers kept behind a painted filigree cover. $45

I had to talk myself down for a good while from buying this bronze The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy necklace with pages from the book! $164

This teeny book pendant has a bronze cover and is available in a leaf or moon and stars cover design. $55

This one is actually a cheat, because this book stack is molded from polymer clay, but I didn’t realize that until reading the description, so I doubt anyone will be able to tell at a respectable distance! $32

This book is so tiny it has to be kept in a glass jar for protection! $47

Or you can get a necklace with a stack of miniature books in a vial! $45

And finally, these books seem infinitesimal! You can carry them in a glass vial necklace. $52

– Danika Ellis

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