Sunday News of Sorrow and Joy

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A main reason I have not posted this past week is that my husband went home to Jesus last Sunday morning. He had been moved to the nursing home for care and rehabilitation on Thursday evening and I was spending half days with him. It was a terrible call to get at 6:40am Sunday May 1 as I wasn’t ready.

The week has been disorienting of course. Heather has been devastated and been with me most of the week. I am thankful to have had help, comfort, and distraction with my sister who arrived late on Sunday and my stepmother who came in Tuesday. They stayed until Friday morning.

Our son came in on Tuesday and will be staying for a couple of weeks. Neighbors and church family have kept us full of food. We had visitation and a celebration of life on Saturday (May 7) morning.

We our sorrowing for our loss but we celebrate with joy because, as our former pastor wrote: “Bob is breathing easy in the presence of Jesus.”
I am sharing (just a peek of) our memories here.

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