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A Week in the Life of Dollycas

It just wasn’t a good week for me. Tuesday I went to my wound care appointment and I just don’t see any improvement. It is so frustrating when the doctor doesn’t seem to believe I elevate my leg several times a day. I do and we are trying to rig something up again under my desk to elevate it more, but it is my paralyzed leg and sometimes it has a mind of its own and will jump right off the box we use to elevate my leg or right off my recliner. I also am dealing with a lot of pain, usually at night when I would love to sleep. Now the bills are starting to come in and boy are these visits expensive even after insurance pays their share and there doesn’t seem an end in sight.

Then on Thursday, I had a check-in and labs at the cancer center. My oncologist was not there because he and his wife just had a baby girl so he is on paternity leave. I love his nurse practitioner though. She has met with me several times and we just click. But she had to give me some bad news. My lab work showed that I was severely anemic. So they took me off the Verzenio for a week and yesterday I went to the hospital for a transfusion of 2 units of blood. I had the best intentions to work while I sat there for almost 7 hours. The laptop was in my bag and I had my Kindle so I could read but after the transfusion started they wrapped me up in a warm blanket and I fell asleep, barely waking up when they checked my vitals several times. I did wake up when lunch arrived and did some reading as they started the second unit, but again, new warm blanket, eyes slammed. The nurses were not surprised because they could see I was depleted and honestly I thought my whole issue was staying up too late at night reading and I just needed more sleep.  I felt pretty good when they sent me home but I had instructions to rest, nap, and avoid stress and that didn’t happen I was stressed about the book tour promotions I hadn’t done that morning so I sat down to do those. Then the emails were calling my name so I did a few of those but I was dragging so I went to rest. Later more stress came out of left field but I just had to ignore the best I could and shift back my recliner for yet another nap.

There was some good news yesterday though. Both Kaden and Remi had football games and they played so well. Remi had 3 touchdowns during his game and Kaden played great, had some great tackles, and ended the game by sacking the quarterback. It was another blowout game and I am so mad I missed it and Remi’s game. They play again next Saturday and come hell or high water I am going to be there.

I am hoping for a better week this week. Less pain and no stress.

How was your week?

Weekly Rewind – September 27 – October 2, 2021

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Saturday – With all the excitement last week I somehow forgot to post. 

I hope you have a Happy Week! 

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