TBS Rumor Report: 13 New Black Series Code Names

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Today we’re rounding out the month of January with the drop of 13 new Black Series code names added to our Master List of products for 2022.

The first 8 all have code names with a California theme:
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Jose
San Francisco
Santa Clara
Palm Springs

The next three have “color” code names:
(no, not Rogue)

The last two are labeled
Seasonal 1” (not the same Target SKU as the unreleased Holiday Mandalorian Warrior)

The first 8 figures all have a mainline (non-exclusive) pre-price increase MSRP of $19.99* while the next 5 all carry the SRP $26.49* pointing to those all being exclusives.

*for now

No details yet on their identities – except for two – they are Force users.

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