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Teddy, a Pomeranian, says that his human owner Emily “is a very good girl. She is also a T1D,” their nickname for Emily’s status as someone with Type 1 diabetes. After a factual, approachable description of the disease, Teddy describes Emily’s routine. As a devoted, loving dog, Teddy always describes Emily in the kindest terms, praising how she takes her medicine (without her parents having to hide it in peanut butter), calling her brave for being able to use a lancet, and comparing her very cool monitor to Teddy’s squeaky toy. The two work to be healthy together, treating her blood sugar levels as a game in which she tries to get the best score. Messenger’s look at diabetes, through Teddy’s clever perspective, is matter-of-fact and makes the canine’s love for Emily clear. The story focuses strongly on its mission of introducing the disease to those who are unfamiliar, so it’s light on plot. However, the praise for Emily’s bravery will resonate with youngsters who also have diabetes and help others to be more understanding of those with the condition. Latham’s bright, colorful illustrations portray Emily in a cartoonish fashion while making Teddy look soft enough to cuddle.

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