Tessek and Mon Calamari Officer Gerald Home Dies, Aged 70

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Just days before his 71 birthday, sad news reaches us Gerald Home has passed away following an illness with cancer. He will be remembered by Star Wars fans for his roles in Return of the Jedi as Tessek and a Mon Calamari Officer, and to many others as Mr Muscle. He was a popular face at numerous conventions all over the world.

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on October 18, 1950, Gerald relocated to Australia along with his family at the age of 16. He ended his education in Australia, and spent three years there as an actor and teacher before came backing to the UK to train at The Drama Studio London. After graduating from The Drama Studio London in July 1977, he kicked off his acting career.

Gerald Home had had a wide and different career as an actor: on the cinema, he starred in Return of the Jedi, and served as a puppeteer on Little Shop of Horrors, operating Audrey II the flesh-eating plant. His other films include London Boulevard and Hideo Nakata’s Chatroom.

He also made many television appearances include Casualty, The Boot Street Band, Spitting Image, Situation Critical, Jenny’s War, Keeping Mum, Harry’s Mad, Time Gentlemen Please, Pay & Display, Paul Dreams of Bette, The Scarlet and the Black and Shane.

Gerald will be sadly missed, and the team here at Jedi News sends our condolences to all his family and friends.

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