The Best Beach Reading Supplies for Your Summer Vacation

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Summer is here, and there’s absolutely nothing better than salty ocean waves, sand between your toes, and the perfect book in your hands. But what supplies do you need in your beach bag for the perfect summer reading vacation? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these fabulous finds from Etsy! Check out these beach reading supplies to turn any getaway into a wonderful reading wonderland. And honestly, even if you don’t have plans to hit the beach this summer, some of these items might put you in a beachy state of mind from your own backyard.

Of course, you’ll also need the right books to fill your beach bag, right? The Book Riot team is on the case! These lists of summer reads are a great place to start. But let’s be real: There are no rules to beach reading. If you’ve got a book you want to read, that makes it prime beach reading.

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Alright, let’s get down to the nitty gritty: What’s going in your beach bag this summer?

Note: Prices are accurate as of April 2022, but may change.

Wearable Accessories

Black Frame Rhinestone Reading Sunglasses

Photo by CrazyRhinestoneLady on Etsy

Who says reading glasses can’t be glam? If you’re going to get your beach reading on in the sun, then look no further than these rhinestone-studded reading sunglasses! $37

All I Need is the Beach and a Book Tee

Photo by CaptainMood on Etsy

This T-shirt sums it up: All (you) need is the beach and a book! $20

Just One More Chapter Sun Hat

Photo by BiblioWino on Etsy

This sun hat is absolutely perfect for blocking the sun from your eyes while beach reading! It also comes in styles that say “Bookish” and “Bibliophile.” $35

Comic Book Pop Art Bikini

Photo by Mclaineo on Etsy

What better way to show your love of comics than in this super cute retro bikini? Maybe it will also give you the superhero energy you need to crush that game of beach volleyball. $159

Bookmarks & Book Accessories

Beach Reads Bookmarks

Photo by brandyfisher on Etsy

Whether you’re at the beach or not, these adorable bookmarks will put you in a beach reading state of mind — and help you find your page. $8

Books are Better When at the Beach Wooden Bookmark

Photo by CottonseedMktplace on Etsy

Books really are better at the beach, aren’t they? This wooden bookmark says it all. $10

Beach Resin Bookmark, Book Holder, and Coaster Set

Photo by KaysBeeDivine on Etsy

This adorable resin book accessory set is perfect for using at the beach to hold your book open, mark your page, and set down a drink. Even better, it brings a little bit of the beach to you, no matter where you are. $41

Waterproof Book Sleeve

Photo by ANEGAMIstore on Etsy

Water is a book’s worst enemy. This waterproof book sleeve is here to help! It comes in different sizes to accommodate large and slim books, plus a size perfect for your Kindle. Price: $12+

Sun Supplies

Beach Chair Caddy

Photo by SeastheWine on Etsy

Any beach chair can hold your book, sunglasses, and phone with this beach chair caddy! It comes in many different fabrics, and you can choose ties or velcro to attach it to your favorite beach chair. $20

A Book and a Beach Are All I Need Beach Towel

Photo by Eutychia on Etsy

If you’re headed to the beach, you’ll definitely need a towel to dry you off or protect you and your beloved books from the sand. This one has just the right vibe. $37

Octopus and Books Beach Towel

Photo by DogeatDougDesigns on Etsy

I didn’t realize until I saw this beach towel just how convenient it would be to have more arms to hold all my books and tea. $35

The Beach Table

Photo by TheBeachTable on Etsy

Looking for the perfect place to rest your books and drinks while enjoying a beach day? Then you need a beach table! This one is portable, lightweight, and has an adjustable stand that extends up to 25 inches. $25

Romance Tropes Insulated Tumbler

Photo by CardiganLibrarian on Etsy

If you like your drinks cold and your romance tropes steaming hot, then this insulated travel tumbler is exactly what you need for your next beach trip. $36

We hope you found the perfect beach reading supplies for your next summer vacation! Looking for more bookish goodies? Check out these lists from Book Riot:

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– Susie Dumond

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