The Best Enchanting Room in Minecraft and How to Build It

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Minecraft is full of several valuable mechanics. Among those mechanics, ‘Enchanting’ is of prime importance and lets you compete with other Minecraft players in a much better way.

Enchanting gears will serve you well to shoot far away mobs, fire flaming arrows, fight the ender dragon, and get rid of the nether monsters. All these things will become possible when you have an enchanting room. Here you will learn how to build the best one in your Minecraft world.  

Making an enchanting room in Minecraft is important to fulfill your enchanting needs and get the maximum level of enchantments in your gameplay. You can create one by reaching the top level for enchantment around your enchanting table.

This article has all the basic and needed information for you to make the best enchantment room in Minecraft. Let’s have a deeper look. 

What Do You Need To Build The Best Enchanting Room In Minecraft?

Making the best enchanting room in Minecraft is a bit tedious task. What makes it dull is the obtaining of higher-level enchantments for your enchanting table.

Here, I will share some of the main points you will need to cater to before making your enchanting room in Minecraft. Let’s find out those essential things. 

1. Minecraft Enchanting Table 

Enchantment tables are one of the most valuable things to have in your Minecraft world. You can get or make an enchantment table by using some of the raw materials. 

What would you need to make your enchanting table? You will need to combine the following things to make an enchantment table for your Minecraft gameplay.

Four blocks of ObsidiansLapis lazuliA book Two diamonds

Let’s find out about the ways of getting all the things mentioned above for your enchantment table in Minecraft.

Obsidians Blocks

Obsidians blocks are crucial to making an enchanting table in Minecraft. What you will need is a lava pool, water bucket, and diamonds. Once you have gathered these things, you can make obsidian blocks. You will pour water on the lava pool. After that, you will use a diamond pickaxe to mine the obsidian blocks in your Minecraft gameplay. 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli will help you power up your enchanting gears in Minecraft. You can find lapis lazuli in dark blue ores around your Minecraft world. You will quickly get access to these dark ores around your world. Mining is the only one of getting lapis lazuli in Minecraft. 

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Books have become one of the essentials items in Minecraft. You can use a book for crafting and enchanting many different things in Minecraft. Getting a book in Minecraft will ask you to follow the given steps.

Crafting Leather 

Crafting a book will require leather and paper. You can get leather from the Minecraft common mobs of grasslands. You will need to kill Minecraft cows to get leather for crafting a book in Minecraft. 

Crafting Paper 

You can also craft a paper for your book in Minecraft. Crafting paper will require you sugarcane (commonly found in marsh or damp places in Minecraft). 

Crafting A Book

Once you have crafted leather and pieces of paper, you can make a book in Minecraft. After that, you will need a crafting grid from your Minecraft inventory slot. Then place all the crafted items in that grid. Make sure that you have set each item in a separate block of your crafting grid. 

Your crafting table will quickly turn the leather and three pieces of paper into a book in Minecraft gameplay. You have successfully made a book in Minecraft. You will need to transfer the book to your Minecraft inventory to make it ready to use in your gameplay. 


Diamonds are the precious items in Minecraft. You won’t get them quickly in your Minecraft world. Still, there are a few ways that you can use for getting diamonds in Minecraft.

The most common way of getting diamonds in Minecraft is by mining in different places around your Minecraft world. You will take care of a few things before setting out for getting diamonds in Minecraft. You will need an iron pickaxe or the enchanted pickaxe for mining diamonds. Minecraft loot chests will provide you with a large number of diamonds. You can also get diamonds from Minecraft wandering and trading villagers. 

Crafting An Enchantment Table 

You will need a crafting table of 3×3 from your Minecraft inventory. After that, you will place all the things at the exact positions on the crafting table. You will make the following arrangement:

1. Place the book in the middle block of the crafting table

2. Place the diamonds in the second row. Place them on the right and left sides of the book.

3. Fill the bottom row of your crafting table with the obsidian blocks

4. Place a block of obsidian in the middle slot of your crafting table.

After some time, the arrangement mentioned above will help you turn your craftable items into an enchanting table. Your enchanting table is ready to use. You can move it to another place by using a pickaxe in Minecraft gameplay.

Why would you need an enchantment table to make your enchanting room? You will need it to make the best enchanting room for your gameplay. 

2. Minecraft Bookshelves 

Bookshelves have become one of the most important things to make your enchantment room in Minecraft. You can also say that you won’t make an enchanting room without getting 15 bookshelves around your enchanting table. 

Crafting a bookshelf will require six wooden planks and three books on your crafting table. 

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3. Minecraft Level 30 Enchantments 

You can get the enchantment level of 30 in Minecraft by placing 15 bookshelves around the enchanting table. Make sure that you have set them one block apart around your enchanting table in Minecraft. 

How To Build The Best Enchanting Room

Enchanting rooms will be helpful to make your gameplay better than before. You will find them useful in every aspect. You can use an enchanting room for valuable mining items, building, and construction, battling with your enemies, and making your tools efficient against the Minecraft mobs. 

To make a simple Minecraft room, you will need 15 bookshelves around your enchanting table. You will also have to make sure that you have placed all the bookshelves in one block part around your enchanting table. 

This arrangement will help you get the maximum level enchantments (level 30 enchantment) in Minecraft. You can also make a library corner in your Minecraft enchanting room. For this purpose, you will need to select two sides of your table in your Minecraft base. 

Make sure that you have placed all the bookshelves in 5×5 squares around your enchanting table. This square is the only placement order for the bookshelves in Minecraft gameplay. 

There is a limit to the Minecraft caps. You can use a 15 cap-limit for making an enchanting room in Minecraft. You can make an enchanting room in any place you want around your Minecraft world. 

All the things mentioned above are crucial to complete an enchanting room for your Minecraft gaming world. 

What Is The Best Enchantment Room In Minecraft?

The best enchantment room in Minecraft is the one that would be most efficient and gives you ample storage space for your Minecraft resources and items. The best enchantment room has to be this one. 

First, you will place an enchanting table in any selected place around your Minecraft world. Now you will leave a one-block gap from every side of your enchanting table. You will have to place the bookcases in rows (a row should consist of three blocks). After making this arrangement, your enchanting table will get access to the highest level enchantments in Minecraft gameplay. You won’t have to use bookcases around the two corners of your enchanting table. You can use any block there, be it a wooden block or some other kind of block. These blocks will help you stop spawning Minecraft mobs around your enchantment room. You will need 15 bookshelves to make the best enchantment room in Minecraft. Any less than this or a higher number of bookshelves won’t let you get the maximum level enchantments (level 30 enchantment). As a result, you won’t be able to make the best enchantment room setup for your gameplay. 

Your enchantment room is ready to use in your gameplay. Move that room to your Minecraft inventory to make it run on your gameplay. 

The enchanting table will only detect the 15 bookshelves that are one block apart in your Minecraft gameplay. You won’t be able to make an enchanting room in which bookshelves are two blocks or more apart from each other. This thing will simply turn your enchanting room into more like aesthetics or decorated rooms in Minecraft. 

How To Make Your Enchanting Room More Effective?

Minecraft has given you many options to make your enchantment rooms effective and efficient. You can use certain things to create a more effective enchantment room in Minecraft. 

Make An Opening

You can also make an opening to your enchantment room in Minecraft with that same arrangement. 

Get Higher Level Enchantments

The sole purpose of making a more efficient enchanting room is to get the higher-level enchantments for your Minecraft enchanting gears. 

Selection Of A Suitable Place For Your Enchantment Room

Choosing the right place for your enchantment room is all you will need to get rid of the bad times in your Minecraft world. Make sure that you have chosen a safe and secured place for making an enchantment room in Minecraft. The more you keep your site safe, the more you stay away from the Minecraft deadly mobs and monsters. 

Getting The Required Number Of Bookshelves 

You will also need 45 books and 90 wooden planks to get 15 bookshelves for your enchantment room in Minecraft. 

Minecraft Enchanting Room Design

There are tons of Minecraft enchanting room designs that you can choose from. Here, I will share some of the best enchanting room designs with you. Now it would be up to you to choose from those designs as per your need and availability.

You can use the same 15 bookshelves enchanting room with a bit of modification. Let’s find some new designs for your enchantment room in Minecraft. 

Minecraft Enchantment Room With A Light Source

You can add any source of light (campfire, Redstone lamp, glowstone blocks, and fire points, lanterns) to brighten up your enchanting room. This design will help you keep the Minecraft mobs far away from your enchanting room. 

Minecraft Enchantment Room With Extra Bookshelves 

You can also use three extra bookshelves for your enchanting room. This new design won’t require additional space for making your enchantment room in Minecraft.

You can also remove these extra bookshelves at any time you want from the new arrangement. These three extra bookshelves will not affect the overall purpose and functioning of the enchanting room in Minecraft. 

Minecraft Enchantment Room With Different Corner Blocks

Well, it is another way of making a new kind of enchantment room in Minecraft. You can replace the corner blocks from two sides and then replace them with any type of blocks in your Minecraft gameplay. 

By doing this, you will be able to stop Minecraft mobs from spawning around your Minecraft world and enchantment room. You can use any blocks for making the corners of your enchantment room. You can choose from wooden planks, cobblestones, stone blocks, oak blocks, and many others.

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