The Best Literary Gifts for Wine Lovers

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Food and wine pairings are overrated. What I’m more interested in is pairing wine with books. Reading a romance set in Napa Valley? Enjoy it with a chilled white from Artesa Vineyards! Is your heroine traipsing throughout the French countryside? Toast her adventures with Côte des Blancs! (Okay, let’s be real. I’m mostly pairing my recent reads with Two Buck Chuck, but that’s fancy enough for my not-so-sophisticated palate.) There’s a reason that my book club jokes that we enjoy imbibing just as much as we enjoy discussing the books. If you’re in the same boat, these literary gifts for wine lovers might be exactly what you need for the bibliophiles in your life.

When a bookish friend has a birthday, I’m always wary of buying them a book. Unless I’ve double (or triple) checked their Goodreads, chances are they probably already have a copy of whatever I pick up. When a wine lover has a birthday, unless I know what their favorite varietals or vineyards are, I’m always afraid the bottle I choose won’t be to their tastes. These literary gifts for wine lovers are sure to delight their recipients without you having to know their every preference or scour their shelves.

Art Prints for Those That Love Books and Wine

If I spent my days reading and drinking by the water, I’d be living my best life. This is the perfect hot girl summer art print for your favorite wine and book lover. $14+

This Kahlil Gilbran printable is a steal. $6

Wouldn’t this boho art print of a woman enjoying a glass of vino with a good read make the perfect addition to your bestie’s bedroom wall? $17

Wine Glasses and Wine Accessories for Book Nerds

This Handmaid’s Tale inspired wine glass is the perfect literary gift for the Margaret Atwood fans in your life. $17

Something tells me Edgar Allen Poe wouldn’t be amused by this punny wine tumbler, but I certainly am. $30

These bookish wine charms are sure to make your book club squeal with delight. $21.00

If you don’t finish your wine before you finish your book, this adorable bookstack wine stopper might come in handy. $25.00

This Sip. Read. Repeat. wine bag would be an even better gift if it came with a bottle of Tempranillo. $10.00

Bookish Odds and Ends for Wine Lovers

Martin Luther was onto something with this quote about wine, don’t you think? $18+

This shirt pretty much sums it up. $19.87+

If you’re looking for a cute but affordable gift you can dole out to the members of your book club, look no further than these book club buttons. $1.50

Feeling festive? These printable photo booth props for book clubs are sure to get your fellow readers cheesing for the camera. $7.00

This red wine inspired bookmark is the perfect literary gift for the sophisticated wine lovers in your life. $12.00

If you want to thank the person hosting book club this week, this greeting card is the perfect way to do it. $4.00

This keychain for lovers of books and wine would look great with a library card hanging from it. $6

If none of those suggestions did anything for you, I’ve got one last idea. A gift card to Total Wine or your local bottle shop could definitely double as a bookmark.

Get even more bookish swag for the bookworm in your life – or, you know, yourself.

– Brooke Bailey Peters

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