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In the land of Elithia, 19-year-old Princess Celene lives a happy life training alongside other knights. Samara, her best friend, is by her side, training and riding with her daily. Celine’s father and brother love her dearly, but traditions stand, and her brother, Hero, who does not want to be crowned king, nevertheless one day will be as the eldest. When Hero returns from a trip badly ill, he is attended to by only the best, but nothing seems to work. Royal sorcerer Ardis works his magic, but even he can’t manage to help Hero. He warns Celene to avoid his dark sorcerer sister, Sidra, but Celene feels she has no choice but to seek her help. Celene soon realizes her mistake: Sidra places a curse on Celene, forcing her to become a unicorn who will send the population of Elithia into a dreamless sleep. Celene, now in the form of a unicorn, flees her town and sets off to begin her new life in the forest. She begins to lose her memory of who she was before but finds comfort in a friendly caveling. Time passes by, and slowly she begins to fight for her family and old life. Encountering humans, knights, and more magic, Celene uses her strength to break the curse and awaken the Elithians. Characters seem to default to White.

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