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Violet Crenshaw wants to be a published author. The book she’s working on is inspired by her experiences as an American in London and features a wicked love-interest character named Lord Lucifer, based on her acquaintance Christian Halston, Earl of Leigh. She doesn’t actually expect anything to happen with him in real life. When she discovers her father plans to marry her off to a dreadful lord because it would benefit his business, Violet decides to run away. Christian offers himself as a companion on her journey. Marriage hadn’t been on his mind before, but now Christian needs money to restore his Scottish estate. He’s been interested in fiery Violet since they first met. During their escapade together, their feelings evolve, but secrets and society’s demands threaten to ruin their love. Christian starts as a flawed character who is later redeemed and spends the rest of the story trying to make up for his past errors with plenty of satisfying groveling and introspection. Violet has always gone along with any expectations of her, and it’s gratifying to see her grow and fight for her own choices. This captivating second installment of the Gilded Age Heiresses series is rich with historical detail and filled with desire and passion.

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