‘The Flash’ Season 8 Will Finally Feature Something Fans Wanted For So Long!

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The eighth season of The Flash show will finally see Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen wearing the famous golden boots.

Although this might seems like no big deal, many fans of Scarlett Speedster wanted to see an absolutely comic accurate suit, which also featured golden boots. Although Barry was wearing a different suit each season, all of them had red boots, but looks like it’s time now for the golden comic accurate touch.

Golden boots were spotted by fans on the set of the show in Vancouver. You can see the image below:

The flash running past me was so awesome!!!#theflash @yvrshoots pic.twitter.com/4TQrBUOl9n

— Ryan Sullivan (@lordvonpunx) October 9, 2021

Last year on DC FanDome, showrunner Eric Wallace said to Grant that they’ll get him golden boots eventually. The show will also have a panel this year on DC FanDome where we are expecting the trailer for the season.

The Flash Season 8 will kick off with a 5-episode crossover event ‘Armageddon’ on November 16. The crossover will see many special guest stars from other Arrowverse shows. The season will consist of 23 episodes.

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