The Joys of Verse Novels, Graphic Novels and Other Very Quick Reads. Let’s Discuss!

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I’ve mentioned on the blog before that even though I read a lot of big books when I was younger (I’m looking at you, Wheel of Time Series), I’ve become averse to them in more recent years. There’s something about the sheer pressure of knowing that you have over 1000 books waiting for you on your TBR that makes reading a super long tome feel more stressful than enjoyable. 

The last year or two hasn’t helped. I’ve been in and out of reading slumps that I can’t seem to shake. So, how do I combat that? With quick reads!

This past Tuesday I read a verse novel (The Seventh Raven) and a graphic novel (Long Distance) all in one day. And it occurred to me how much I love the feeling of reading a full book in just a couple of hours. You still get the satisfaction of a story arc, a change of perspective, and finding new characters to love, but it’s all packed into a powerful little punch. With graphic novels, you also get to enjoy amazing art, and with verse novels there’s the bonus of lyrical poetry that sings! It’s the most wonderful way to spend an hour or two of your day.

I used to feel guilty about adding these sorts of short books to go toward my Goodreads goal, but no more. My love of books is a love of stories, and both graphic novels and verse novels give me a great sense of story in a quick read.

Of course, there are other types of quick reads, too. Sometimes a sweet YA romance can fly by in couple of hours or a MG contemp can be read in an afternoon. I still love to read a meaty fantasy, but there’s something satisfying about a quick read!

In the spirit of quick reads, that’s all I’ll say on the subject.

Do you like the feeling of a book you can read in just a couple of hours? Are you a fan of verse novels or graphic novels? I want to know!


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