The kingdom of #Evil:#NEW #AGE: Origins, history, and doctrine,its consequences from a #Christian perspective.

“Mysticism” is intended to be impartial, devoid of empathy, andto present things in a scientific, factual, judgmental way of moral value being avoided, or totally absent. it reaches to the total omission of some negative aspects of new age practices such as recruitment deceptive,CONVINCED coercive,abuses,scams. But these things are right present in the scandal press or in comments with much more critical of some theologians, but far fewer in number,Catholics or Protestants.

The new age movement has a large area of ​​spread,both among connoisseurs and neophytes. Although some practices are explicit and recognized as belonging to newage, others are infiltrated into ideological movements or spiritual or religious things already existing in that area,grafting on them like a parasitic plant.
Since the 1960s, there have been opposing currents standards of Western society, the western states beingin the situation of dealing with social phenomena such aswas the “hippy” movement and rock music.
The young people in that time will come that, at the age of maturity, to apply evena certain increase in the conscientiousness of the realization of ideals from those “golden” times.
The new age movement responds in a way the spiritual demands of the “hippy” generation,concerned, among other things, with finding new “channels” for knowledge of psychic phenomena following consumption drugs, paranormal phenomena, and especially anaturism – the desire to live some what closer to nature, less stress-free and sophisticated way of life of the West.

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