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Awake with anticipation, Milly is eager for her first nighttime jaunt with the Midnight Club. At exactly midnight, she wakes up her big sister, Becca, and the pair proceeds to slink, sneak, and creep through the darkened hallways and empty rooms of their home. The late hour transforms the house into an inky blue playground splashed with pools of candescent yellow light. Milly and Becca revel in the liberation that comes with sleeping parents as they indulge in Dad’s jelly beans and play dress-up in Mom’s raincoat. The tender bond between sisters is evident in their conspiratorial glee during their covert shenanigans and their reliance on each other during tenser moments. Satisfied and sleepy, they nestle together in bed, resting up for tomorrow’s Midnight Club meeting. This charming story perfectly balances the thrill of pushing boundaries with the comfort of having your best friend along for the ride. The succinct text is made for hushed whispers and conveys the intimacy of shared secrets. Watercolors perfectly capture the hazy, dreamlike atmosphere of the sleeping house, while a spectrum of deep indigo, dusky purples, and cozy yellows highlights the contrast between dark and light. Becca and Milly have olive skin and black hair.

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