The Rogue Squadron Movie Has A Writer Now

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In case you forgot, the next Star Wars is movie is currently scheduled for a December 2023 release. Which is not that far away anymore and thus (pre-)prodction on “Rogue Squadron” must begin soon. While director Patty Jenkins was announced last year, nothing was said about who would pen the script. Now it turns out that Jenkins is not writing the script, instead Lucasfilm hired Matthew Robinson. Click through for more.

Matthew “Who”, you may ask. His writing credits are not that extensive, he co-wrote the Ricky Gervais movie “The Invention of Lying” in 2009 (rated a rather average 6.4 on IMDB, something I would agree with, I saw the movie a few years ago, it was ok-ish), his other movie writing credits are “Monster Trucks” (which is rated a bad 5.7 on IMDB), “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” (a very mediocre 6.1 on IMDB) and finally “Love and Monsters” (7.0 on IMDB and often compared to Zombieland).

Robinson is also attached to two upcoming movies, the “Edge of Tomorrow” sequel “Live Die Repeat and Repeat” and the “Little Shop of Horrors” remake. But both these movies have no release date yet and are still in pre-production.

Just based on Robinson’s previous writing credits I wouldn’t say this gives me a great boost of confidence in the movie. And considering what Patty Jenkins did with Wonder Woman II, a movie she had much more input on than the first one, said confidence in the project is even greatly diminished. But each and every movie is different and Rogue Squadron could also successfully relaunch Star Wars movies in cinemas. But I still wonder why Lucasfilm would choose to return to movie theaters with a movie that will apparently not include Jedi, Sith, the Force or lightsabers (Solo enters the chat), but we have to wait for the actual movie of course. In my opinion the entire concept of the movie sounds like yet another Disney+ series, not a movie general audiences will be eager to see. Solo certainly has a few things to say about that.

So what are your feelings towards Rogue Squadron? Are you eager to see the next Star Wars movie? Or do you think that by 2023, after a few more Disney+ series, movies will no longer be as important to the franchise as they used to be and that the more interesting things now happen on the small screen?

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