The Vintage Collection Figrin D’an Is An Amazing Announcement, But What About The Rest Of The Modal Nodes?

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For me, the “in the pipeline” reveal of Figrin D’an in The Vintage Collection was one of the highlights of Hasbro’s latest fan event presentation. One of the most notoriously overlooked characters from A New Hope that never made it into the Kenner line (the closest we got was a painting of them in the Creature Cantina playset), the modern line didn’t do us that many favors either. The action figures of these characters were either exclusive releases, grouped in a multipack, or came in a white box without any fancy packaging. The Vintage Collection Figrin D’an will be the first carded Bith character in the basic figure line…. ever. How amazing is that? Its inclusion also makes me want to ask a few questions to Hasbro. (more….)


1. Hasbro, I am sure that the action figure’s name will be Figrin D’an, but will you include the rest of the instruments with Figrin D’an so we can recreate our own Modal Nodes band, or are you going to release the rest of the members through an exclusive channel with their character photo and unique instrument?

2. If you decide to create all of the instruments or characters from the Modal Nodes, will you have six, seven, or eight band members?

3. Thanks to a rich Hasbro toy line, we have been given characters with names including Doikk Na’ts — Dorenian Beshniquel, Figrin D’an — kloo horn, Ickabel G’ont — Double Jocimer, Nalan Cheel — bandfill, Tech Mo’r — Ommni Box, Tedn Dahai — fanfar. Hasbro produced all of these characters in the Collector Series 12-inch Figure line.

4. Lesser-known band members include Lirin Car’n — second kloo horn and Sun’il Ei’de — drums. While Hasbro has never produced these action figures, but their characters exist somewhere in the old Expanded Universe.

5. Collectors have been waiting a long time to see the Bith species of characters in super-articulated status for The Vintage Collection. Thank you for focusing on these figures next!

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