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Gravely injured, 18-year-old Ivy Lovely lies hidden in the halls of her former school. She was saved thanks to the brave sacrifice of her friend Rimbrick and the protection of a dragon that was believed to be long extinct. However, Ivy is still marked for death by the Dark Queen—a malignant creature who has terrorized Croswald for 200 years. With every passing day, the Queen’s power grows, and the corrupted Bitter Forest where her castle stands (known to most as Norchburry Wood) threatens to envelop all who call Croswald home. Ivy, as the true heir to the Crown of Croswald, is the only one who can stop the Queen’s onslaught, but she can’t overcome her evil alone. Armed with a map and a set of clues that Rimbrick left her and supported by her handsome companion, Fyn, Ivy’s journey will bring her face to face with fear itself. But with the help of her friends, she hopes to find the courage to take a stand and offer healing instead of vengeance. This is a work that’s replete with beautiful imagery and pulse-pounding adventure. However, it’s more than just a fun work of fantasy, as Night also offers a story that will hold special resonance for young audiences as they watch Ivy, an unassuming and often frightened hero, grow into a strong woman. The story makes clear that the character’s ultimate triumph stems not from her denial of her fear but from her willingness to embrace and manage it. Ivy is appealing in her determination to make her own path and defy social expectations, and the novel highlights the positive outcomes that can happen when pursuing one’s dreams.

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