This Weeks Publications – 20th December 2021

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Welcome to this week’s publications breakdown.

Darth Vader is the overriding theme for the penultimate week of 2021 and our last releases before Christmas. But, we’ll be back next week to round up the forthcoming releases for the final week of the year.

The Literature team here at Jedi News would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

The scheduled releases for this week will be;

Tuesday 21st December 2021

Be More Boba Fett
(DK Publishing – ISBN 978-0-7440-5316-6)
A fun, pocket-sized book packed with inspiration from the galaxy’s most (in)famous bounty hunter.Throw aside the 9-to-5 and discover the joys of going freelance!In a big wide galaxy, you’ll find every personality type. There are those who want to work for a large, stable employer like the Imperial Navy, pushing buttons on a space cruiser. There are also those who are content living the simple (but dull) life of a merchant or moisture farmer. And then there are those special few who long for the freelance life.
If you aren’t afraid of gruelling (and sometimes frowned upon) work, traveling to exotic locations, and being your own boss, you may find guidance in the wise words of those who have been there. Be More Boba Fett will help guide you on your path to the independent life of a successful entrepreneur.
Available from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Jedi Artifacts
(Insight Editions – ISBN 978-1-6472-2493-6)
Discover artifacts from a thousand generations of Jedi history in this must-have guide to the galaxy’s greatest heroes!
A collection of treasures inspired by the galaxy’s most legendary warriors, Star Wars: Jedi Ephemera Kit will take readers on a thrilling journey through the history of the Jedi Order. From the heroic days of The High Republic to the eras of Ahsoka Tano, Luke Skywalker, and Rey, Star Wars: Jedi Ephemera Kit compiles exquisite artifacts inspired by the Jedi and their valiant adventures.
Available from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Cover – Deodato

Darth Vader (2017-2018) Omnibus by Charles Soule
(Marvel – ISBN 978-1-302-93173-5: Deodato Cover; ISBN 978-1-302-93174-2: Camucoli Cover)
Lord Vader… rise! In the wake of Revenge of the Sith, follow Vader as he ascends to power as a Dark Lord of the Sith! Having lost everything dear to him and now more machine than man, Vader takes his first steps into a darker world — beginning by eradicating the galaxy’s remaining Jedi! But librarian Jocasta Nu is making a desperate effort to preserve the Jedi legacy, and the stirrings of a rebellion have begun in the Mon Cala system! To ensure the Emperor’s grip on the galaxy is absolute, Vader must deal swiftly and brutally with any uprisings — but he has a goal of his own. And as darkness rises above Mustafar, the scene of Vader’s greatest defeat, will the man once called Anakin Skywalker realize his true destiny?
Collecting DARTH VADER (2017) #1-25 and ANNUAL #2
Available from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Darth Vader (2020) Vol.3 – War of the Bounty Hunters TPB
(Marvel – ISBN 978-1-3029-2622-9)
Returned to the fold after his rebellion against the Emperor, Darth Vader faces the horrors of reconstruction in the secret laboratories of Coruscant. As he blacks out under the knife, does the Dark Lord of the Sith still dream of revenge against his master? Or do his thoughts drift towards his son…and the friends who make Luke Skywalker so vulnerable? Don’t miss this next critical new chapter in Darth Vader’s ongoing evolution — featuring the revelation of the first time Vader learned the name Han Solo! What does the War of the Bounty Hunters mean for Vader’s ongoing schemes?
COLLECTING: Star Wars: Darth Vader (2020) 12 – 17
Available from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Direct – Stegman
Darth Vader (2020) #19
(Marvel Comics)
• In the bowels of Bespin, DARTH VADER told his son he wanted to bring order to the galaxy.
• Now Vaders’ promise is put to the test as he leads an unlikely crew of heroes and assassins against the criminal organization known as CRIMSON DAWN.
What does “order” mean to a DARK LORD OF THE SITH? How far will he go to fight for it as the depth of Crimson Dawns’ infiltration becomes clearer? • And what fate awaits the heroes who follow him into battle?

Variant – Dauterman

Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary (26/36) – Sprouse, Story, Menon

Direct – López
The High Republic – Trail of Shadows #3 (of 5)
(Marvel Comics)
• A mysterious attack brings EMERICK and SIAN together at the Starlight to investigate connections to their case.
• Meanwhile, ARATHAB tries to ambush a Nihil ship with deadly results.
• Can Jedi Master Emerick and private eye Sian Holt uncover the clues to solve this case, or are they about to face their deadly demise at the hands of Nihil?

Variant (1:25) – Parel

Variant – Wu

You will be able to find these on sale from your usual high street bookstores, news-stands, and online retailers. Please help support Jedi News by purchasing your books using the links to the Amazon websites in this article – happy reading!

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