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Thomas Williams Selleck, popularly known as Tom Selleck, is an American actor and movie producer native to Detroit, Michigan. Born on the 29th of January in 1945, Tom’s family moved to settle in Sherman Oaks, California, where he went to high school. Nevertheless, the movie star wouldn’t have been where he is today if he had chosen to remain in the university. 

Selleck rose to stardom in 1980, where he played the role of Thomas Magnum in “Magnum, P.I.”  However, he has continued to win many awards, including a sixth-time Golden Globe Award for best actor in a Tv drama series. Additionally, he’s well known for his popular Jesse Stone movie series starring as Jesse Stone premiered by the all-time favorite “Stone Cold.”

How Many Tom Selleck Movies are there?

Tom who also served in the California National Guard during the Vietnam War has featured in many movies more than I could remember. However, no one can forget his 9 Made-for-TV movies in which he played the role of a small-town police officer

His role as Chief Jesse Stone in the movie series which started in 2005 with the episode, “Stone Cold” has won him many accolades.

Tom Selleck Movies by Order of Release Date

Have you ever wondered when the Jesse Stone series started and which one came before the other? Well, you’re in luck. Because here’s a concise list of all nine of the Jesse Stone movie series in the order of their release dates.

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005)Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006)Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (2006)Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2007)Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (2009)Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2010)Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011)Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (2012)Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015)

Tom Selleck Movies in Chronological Order at a Glance

The Jesse stone movie series is based on a series of detective novels written by Robert B. Parker. However, the storyline could be a little confusing to any random person at the cinema. So here are the Jesse Stone movies in their chronological order:

 Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006)Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005)Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (2006)Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2007)Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (2009)Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2010)Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011)Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (2012)Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015)

Tom Selleck Movies in Chronological Order

Jesse Stone: Night Passage gives a meaningful start to the series showing Jesse’s life before Paradise, from his divorce to how he lost his job. Although Stone Cold was premiered first, this gives a more meaningful attribute to the story, hence its chronological order:

1. Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006)

The sequence of order of the Jesse Stone series moves smoothly as the storyline has no further complications from here on out. Jesse Stones was fired from the Los Angeles Police Department based on being a drunk. He picked up the habit after he found out his wife was having an affair with her producer. The corrupt town’s council chair of Paradise, Mrs. Hathaway, recommends him to be hired as the new police detective in the city of “Paradise” for her thought of him being a chump. Jesse Stone works tirelessly to figure out why he was hired and exposes Mrs. Hathaway and her illegal money laundering crimes

2. Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005)

Being the original start of the series doesn’t always mean the start of the story. Here, a coincidence is noted from the film’s start after Jesse Stone loses his job as a police Detective. Due to his drunken attitude, the Los Angeles Police Department terminated his employment. 

Also, he gets divorced and finds a new love interest in the city’s council member, Abby Taylor. At the moment, he works imminently hard to unravel the mysterious murder cases popping up in the city of Paradise. However, his ordeal worsens when his girlfriend is murdered by the criminals carrying out the murder and motivates him to bring these criminals down. 

3. Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (2006)

The death of a young high school teenager who was found in a lake stirs up Jesse and leaves him sleepless. With the haunting images of the dead girl taunting him, our protagonist manages to find himself a new interest. Consequently, he grows a relationship with Dr. Summers, the psychiatrist suggested by his ex-wife. 

After a series of investigations, he finds out the real killer is Norman Shaw, a local writer with profound underground connections. Therefore, he works tirelessly to bring him down.

4. Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2007)

In the fourth series of the movie, Jesse tries to quit drinking and gets himself occupied with more police work. At this point, he draws up an old case from 1992 whose reports and evidence don’t add up. As he proceeds, his superior, Rose Gammon partners him as his new deputy.

Also, he solves a rape case aboard a vessel during the town’s annual Race Week. Subsequently, Jesse puts the clues together to solve the 1992 case. As a result, he draws some the attention of a Boston Mobster, Gino Fish who now seeks to kill him.

5. Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (2009)

The plot in Thin Ice starts with Jesse saving Captain Healy in a gunfight, gettng shot in the process. Therefore, he seeks to further investigate the shooting despite the town’s council members on his neck. A while ago Jesse made decisions which made it hard for them to extort money from the public without them even knowing it. 

Jesse gets suspended from being the chief of police for not following orders as expected. However, his drive to get Healy’s shooter leads him to an old nemesis, Gino Fish, who is not responsible this time. Meanwhile, Rose finds Baby Boy Blue, a child missing from the hospital after birth. 

The movie ends with our hero going to New Mexico to give the sad news to the baby’s mother, Elizabeth Blue.  

6. Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2010)

Following his suspension from the Police Department, Jesse returns to his old drinking habits and solitude. However, his friends from work are bothered about him and send in Captain Healy to check upon him. In a bid to keep Jesse out of the encroaching darkness, Healy offers Jesse a job as a consultant to the Boston Police Department. He has to assist in the investigation of the most recent murder case.

However, along the line of investigation, dirty secrets are uncovered: the Mob Boss, Gino Fish, is gay along with his assistant, Alan. Nevertheless, to prevent this from being leaked and ruining his reputation, Gino has killed Alan before he meets with Stone. 

No remorse ends when the town’s council is set on seeing that Jesse Stone is laid off permanently together with his colleagues, Suitcase Simpson and Rose. 

7. Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011)

Innocents lost started noting that Jesse Stone was laid off duty. Despite his ordeal, he investigates the death of a young friend of his, Cindy Van Alan. 

Unfortunately, the reports to her case don’t seem true to Jesse, leaving doubts about finding a reason.

8. Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (2012)

The benefit of the doubt initially thought to be the last of the Jesse Stone series centers around a series of events. These look to unravel the city’s biggest menace yet. 

Following the death of the newly appointed Chief of Police, William Butler, the council’s president’s son-in-law, Stone is temporarily made the new Head of Police.But while trying to find Butler’s murderer, he stumbles across evidence that traces the murder back to Gino’s old foe. Thus, Jesse puts the pieces together and realizes that the mob boss wasn’t the one at the top of the food chain. Therefore, applying some wit and cunning, he unveils that Hasty has been running the entire operation using Gino as a front. 

Long story short, he foils their master plan and is reinstated as the Chief of Police.

9. Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015)

Jesse takes up an unpaid job as a consultant with the Massachusetts State Police Homicide Unit to get rid of the boredom. He needed this, after having taken out Paradise city’s most significant threat. 

However, he picks interest in a case on the “Boston Ripper,”; a serial killer with a signature killing pattern. The psycho killer takes fledge of the first three murders but not the fourth, who were all reported to have been killed in the same fashion. 

A series of inquiries later, Jesse suspects a police officer, Dan Leary, to be the murderer of the fourth victim. Also, Dan was sexually involved with the victim, Mavis Davies. A subplot plays out, revealing when Jesse comes across a teenage victim of domestic abuse.

Jesse, with the help of “Suitcase,” Simpson finds a home for the little girl and offers rehabilitation for her mom.

Desperate, Officer Leary tries to tie up loose ends and gets in a one-on-one gunfight with Jesse and dies. 

Do you Need to Watch Tom Selleck’s Movies in Order?

The movie storyline is not so complicated that you must take it in a sequence. However, you should, if you feel the need to try wrapping your head around a scene. Additionally, if you want to get all connections with the previous Jesse Stone, then I suggest you take them in this order.

Will there be more Tom Selleck Movies?

Tom Selleck is the director and the critical role in the movie from the fifth part has big plans for Jesse Stone. Notably, in an interview on Parade in 2017, Tom’s words were, “I plan to work on writing another Jesse Stone.” 
However, that was way back in 2017, and this is 2021. Additionally, not much has been said since then, although the fans yearn for a tenth.

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