Toy Run Tuesday #100 – Your Favorite Figure

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Welcome back Toy Runners. I am so sorry about last week, but I took a sick day from everything. So we’re back with the official one-hundredth TRT!! That is very exciting. As previously mentioned, today’s theme is ‘Favorite Figures.’ Please share a photo of your top most favorite Star Wars action figure in the comments! If you have more than one, or want to also pick some non-Star Wars ones you can pick your top 5, so long as 1-2 of them are Star Wars. Good luck picking, and thanks for reading!


This is a really tough one for me. I play with my toys, so a lot of them have sentimental value to me. I’ve managed to whittle it down to my top 5 favorite figures (they are, of course, all 4″ scale):

From left to right:

Mimban Stormtrooper: Lest we forget, this was the original use of the VC140 Stormtrooper mold. It was the first “real” 3.75 stormtrooper action figure in my opinion – superior to all others. I remember the first time I opened it and was utterly floored by its detail and articulation. 

Planet Green Valley Mind Controller: This figure was 2 years in the making between distribution and production issues. They are increasingly more expensive to buy (shipping from China is killer), so for now I will have to settle for the one that I have. Its truly a perfect action figure. Weihua Wei, the creator of the line, put a lot of time and passion into these toys and it completely shows.

Boss Fight Studios Knight of Asperity: It’s a freaking cool skeleton knight of evil. What more needs said? I personally like this because it reminds me of General Kael from Willow. I’ve always admired his sense of fear-provoking style.

Proxy: I looked a long time to find this figure at a good price. Unfortunately one of his elbows is torn. Proxy is one of my favorite droids in Star Wars from a game I have fond memories of playing as a teen. I would love to complete my TFU collection, but that is a long way away since most of those figures have become extremely pricey.

Custom Mythos Obi-Wan: I love this figure. I picked it as one of my top-5 because I think it showcases my customizing talent better than any of my other customs, and I think the costume design Sideshow did was spot-on.

What are your favorite figures? Show us in the comments below!

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