Toy Run Tuesday #114 – Playing with TVC IG11

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Just after last week’s post went live I was able to find the whole Emperor TVC wave at a local Target! I was so happy to find them in store. IG-11 is the stand-out figure from the wave in my opinion (the others are great too). I wanted to share a couple thoughts on the figure, so click here to take a look. Be sure to leave your weekly finds in the comments as well!


Here they are in all their glory. Hasbro has been getting better and better at their choices for figures. 

IG-11 is such an amazing figure. The arm alone has 6 points of articulation, the head 4.  The plastic is, unfortunately rubbery, but does not make it impossible to pose the figure.

I’m super happy to get this wave so soon. Things are really looking up for TVC and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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