Toy Run Tuesday #119 – Retro New Republic Officer

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Hello again, friends! It’s Toy Run Tuesday once again, and I’m excited to see your weekly finds. It’s also Black Friday in the US this weekend. Are you expecting to make some Star Wars-y purchases for a good price? I already picked up a few TVC figures from Old Republic Collectibles. I have one new custom to share with you, so please click on through to take a look and share with everyone your changes to your collection!

I’m in a Toy Finder group on Facebook where everyone pitches in to prevent scalping and get toys to people for retail value. We’re doing a secret Santa exchange, and for my gift, I made a retro style New Republic officer from the Mandalorian. I will also be making a retro Luke.

Share in the comments your new collectibles or other various changes to your collection! Thanks for reading!

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